joy and purpose in businessImagine your perfect work situation. Are you imagining it?

If you’re like us, you want to start work every day feeling like you’re fulfilling your purpose by changing the community, empowering individuals, helping others grow their babies businesses, providing people with inspiration, or something else purpose-y. It doesn’t have to come in the form of working with a non-profit or being a career counselor, but purpose- however you define it- is probably important to you. So we’ve talked about the purpose side of the equation.

Now let's assume that you also care about things like having a schedule that fits for you, having the flexibility to take breaks if and when you need them, getting to work with clients who are fun and easy to work with, and working on awesome projects. That's the joy side of things.

What if you have purpose, but no joy, in your business? Chances are, you're going to burn out- you may lose interest in your work or begin to find it mentally draining- even if you think you're providing a benefit to society in some way, shape, or form. For example, a freelance non-profit consultant might feel that they provide extensive benefits to the clients they secure, but they feel stressed and overworked, especially for the amount of money they're paid. Hence, a purposeful business devoid of joy.

And what about a business that's full of joy but no purpose? You may thrive on your day-to-day work, but you will likely lose steam over the long haul if you only feel that you are serving yourself and your own interests. An example might be a designer who loves their freedom, flexibility, and autonomy, but doesn't feel that they are making any kind of impact through their work. Here we have a joy-filled business that lacks purpose.

Is one or the another enough? We say no, at least not long-term. We believe that a great business is found at the intersection of joy and purpose- so here's to finding your Ah! spot.

Do you think both joy and purpose are necessary in your business? Do you currently have both?

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