Creating a magazine-style editorial website with plenty of content and vivid photos? BluChic's Beverly theme might be right if you're looking for something feminine but still professional and modern.

A Feminine Magazine-Style WordPress ThemeSome of our favorite features:
    • The vibrant pink, black, and white color scheme (which can be changed if you like)
    • The sleek, minimalist layout
    • The option to enable a featured slider to highlight your latest posts
    • A prominent footer with four areas
    • Two navigation menus (one for admin- like your About and Contact pages- and one for post categories)
    • The option to buy an all-in-one bundle, complete with WordPress theme, social media design, newsletter design, and business card design, for $109

creative wordpress theme for editorial website

P.S. Planning to buy a WordPress theme from BluChic but need some help customizing it? Email CMR Strategies!

Disclosure: We are part of BluChic’s affiliate program and will receive a commission on sales bought through the links above. However, we are huge fans of BluChic and use their products all the time (including on this site and on CMR Strategies), so all opinions are our own!

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