100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs

The 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs from One Woman Shop

Welcome to the third edition of the 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs from One Woman Shop!

Welcome to the third edition of 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs.

As a solopreneur, it’s not tough to find solo business resources — but it’s a true challenge to find the very best resources that provide the insight, advice, and tips you need to build the business that makes you want to shout from the rooftops: “I’m a solopreneur!!!

That’s what #100BestSites is all about — and because we’re so committed to you, the OWS community, we promise that it’s better than ever. (Read: more fun, more comprehensive, and more engaging. After all, the third time’s the charm, right?)

The biggest change? For one month (until 5/25/2017), we’re letting you tell us your pick for the #1 site across each category below. Head here to cast your vote!

Another addition: This year, we’re marking repeat offenders appearances on The List. ** means this is the second time the site has been featured, while *** means the site is a 100 Best Sites stronghold, appearing on all three editions.

Dig in…and be endlessly inspired to better your biz.

Digital Marketing

The sites to visit for all things marketing: blogging, social media, SEO, building your list, and developing a website that works. Ready to tell us your pick for the #1 Digital Marketing site? Head here to vote.

Alex Tooby

Alex is all about the ‘gram, coaching you through why you’re losing followers to how to make the most of Instagram Stories to how to monetize your Instagram account. And she speaks from experience: She created and monetized the @MenandCoffee Instagram account, generating over $100,000 in revenue in just 12 months. (We’ll wait here while you go check out that account. You know, for “research”…)

Must-read post: Instagram Shadowban — What It Means, Why You Got One, How to Get Rid of It

A Prettier Web with Mel Karlik

While we’re definitely fans of the ‘90s, that fandom stops when it comes to landing on sites that look like they’re stuck there. It’s why we love Mel’s mission to help others create “a prettier web” — and turn to her for all things WordPress via her free resources and the themes she creates for fellow boss and blog ladies.

Must-read post: 4 WordPress Membership Plugins to Build a Kick-Ass Membership Site

Bailey Richert

If we had to succinctly summarize Bailey’s work, it would be teaching the ins and outs of virtual summits for “beginning and budding infopreneurs.” And she doesn’t just teach about virtual summits, she hosts them. Marianne, another #100BestSites winner, can vouch for them, saying Bailey provides “fantastic information on making money online, plus her virtual summits rock!”

Must-read post: 14 Tips for Launching a Virtual Summit

Caitlin Bacher

Should I start a Facebook Group? Ah, the question that’ll likely come up for any solopreneur as they build their community. When it does, look no further than Caitlin’s site, where she shares roadmaps, tips, and stories on running Groups. As nominator Leslie said, “She’s an expert in growing your online presence and teaches it in a way that makes sense.”

Must-read post: How to Avoid Burnout as a Facebook Group Host

Claire Pelletreau

Two words: Facebook Ads. It’s a love/hate relationship. #ThanksZucky Of course, the love is there because they work — when they’re used right. Thankfully, there are experts like Claire sharing all they know about how to use Facebook Ads, whether you’re an excited first-timer or a frustrated veteran.

Must-read post: Facebook Ads Not Working? This Is the One Tweak to Try First

Clapping Dog Media with Meg Clarke

If search engine optimization feels overwhelming (at best) or like a scammy marketing tactic (at worst), allow Meg to change your mind once and for all. In her words: “SEO amplifies your voice. Together we will build a megaphone for your business.” Bonus points to Meg for the “Give back” section on her website, where she outlines how she gives back through her biz. A girl after our own heart!  

Must-read post: Top 5 Reasons to Invest in SEO (Even When You Get a Lot of Referrals)

Crafting Creative with Meghan Hartman

We’re all about aesthetically pleasing things (read: prettyyyy) here at OWS HQ. But we know that’s not enough; functionality matters too. Crafting Creative is about “content-first, goal-driven design.” In other words? Through implementing user experience best practices, she helps readers create websites that actually convert.

Must-read post: The 7 UX Practices That Will Improve Your Business (and Life)

Danielle Zeigler**

When it comes to finding “tools to help you stand out without selling out,” we’re all about it — and fortunately, Danielle is, too. When we’re not turning to her for expert (yet simple) SEO advice, we’re definitely referring to her as an example for content curation done right, given her epic Sunday Link Love roundups.

Must-read post: SEO Basics: How Much Do URLs Matter for SEO?

Design Your Own Lovely Blog with Marianne Manthey**

Marianne isn’t on this list just because we want to keep tabs on her enviable ex-pat life in tropical Costa Rica. (Though that doesn’t hurt.) Her design and branding tutorials over on DYOB are geared to those crafty DIY types out there who want to take charge of their branding, but need a little support along the way.

Must-read post: Create Unique Graphics from Stock Photos for Your Blog and Social Media

Hey Jessica with Jessica Stansberry

“Lord have mercy, I’m a little bit of a nerd.” ← When an about page kicks off with that, it’s likely we’re going to have fun poking around the site. In the words of nominator Ginny, “Jessica’s content is always spot on, and so helpful for entrepreneurs at any level.” Her positive vibes, southern charm, and in-depth tech tutorials make learning the tech of marketing fun — and if that’s not enough, she’s co-host of the All Up In Your Lady Business podcast, to boot.

Must-read post: How to Create an Interactive Gmail Signature

Jess Creatives with Jessica Freeman**

Jess isn’t shy about her loves: sweatpants, Diet Dr. Pepper, and her pup, Morgan. What else isn’t she shy about? Helping entrepreneurs build better websites, create better systems, and attract better clients. From one nominator — fellow #100BestSites winner and OWS member Jessica — “Jess Creatives is a must-read for me! Her advice on design, productivity and business has proven invaluable.”

Must-read post: How To Stay Organized While Juggling Multiple Client Projects

Lara Eastburn

Mixology isn’t just for drinks anymore. Lara — a self-described Social Media Mixologist and cut-up (not to mention “badass digital marketer,” according to nominator Lee) — lands on this list partially because she shares our love for adult beverages and partially because she reels us in with blog post titles and GIFs that make us have to click. In all seriousness, she dishes up funny but insightful social media lessons and strategy over on her eponymous site.

Must-read post: 8 New Podcasts That Will Make You a Better Human (And Business Owner)

Learn to Love Email with Nicole Murphy

Ask Nicole why she started her site and she’ll say, “Because nowadays, email marketing is everything.” Pretty much. Not only is Nicole “insanely passionate about creating email communications that can influence someone’s behaviour,” she’s also insanely qualified, given her experience as an Email Marketing Manager for Freshbooks. Isn’t it time you let Nicole help you learn to love email?

Must-read post: The Best & Worst Emails in My Inbox – Volume 3

Meera Kothand

As one nominator put it, Meera “goes out of her way to help readers with exceptional content” — and we certainly don’t disagree. Her in-depth and actionable advice on both blogging and email marketing will have all solopreneurs feeling like digital marketing champs by the time they’re done here.

Must-read post: How to Survive, Seduce and Sell With Your First Email Sequence

Miranda Nahmias

We love words, but we have a special place in our hearts for visual representations of information: flow charts, screenshots, Venn diagrams — you name it. Lucky for us, Miranda has mastered the art of presenting her incredibly thorough business tutorials alongside helpful graphics to make them even easier to digest and implement.

Must-read post: How to Automate Your Client Onboarding System for Free

Paige Media with Paige Wilhide

What do you get when you combine “video” and “marketing”? Video marketing, obviously. Jokes aside, you get Paige Media. With a promise that video content can be “FUN, engaging, and will increase your bottom line,” Paige Media helps you to stop hiding behind your computer screen and start showing your shining mug to the world.

Must-watch video: Why Scripting Sucks

PinkPot Studio with Chaitra Radhakrishna

A university-trained computer scientist, Chaitra started PinkPot Studio as a lifestyle blog when she moved away from her family and had some time on her hands. Fast forward a few years, and PinkPot is now a full-fledged photography and design studio, where Chaitra teaches solopreneurs everywhere how to shoot beautiful, Insta-worthy photos with their iPhones, curate beautiful feeds, and appreciate design in marketing.

Must-read post: How to Repurpose and Customize Stock Photos for Your Business


Must learn to code. Must learn to code. Must learn to code. ← If you’ve been repeating this to yourself nonstop and hoping those coding skills just show up, then it’s time you head over to Skillcrush. Not only does this small but mighty company create epic Blueprints for learning to code, but they’re leading the way in content creation for freelancers and women in tech. #love

Must-read post: How to Build an Impressive Portfolio When You’re New to Tech

Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn**

We’ll start by saying that the term “passive income” is a bit of a misnomer in the online biz world. But we’ll also admit that earning money while sitting by a pool, hiking a mountain, or taking a nap is pretty darn cool. Pat is one of the most popular passive income bloggers, and for good reason. Warning: Your jaw might hit the floor when you see his monthly earnings. Just promise us you’ll use it as inspiration, not a measuring stick.

Must-listen episode: Pivoting: How, When, & Why to Do It

tiny blue orange with Alison Monday***

What do blue and orange make? In this case, a stellar resource for all things WordPress. Alison and her team — that’d be her pups, Brutus and Pixel — are pros at WordPress development and security, and love sharing everything they know, with a dash of sass and sweetness.

Must-read series: Nerd Alert

WP+BFF with Shannon Mattern***

With a killer track record of being the most nominated site two years in a row, you know WP+BFF has to be the crème de la crème. In the words of WP+BFF fan Jane, “It turned me from a dreamer to someone with her own functioning website.” Don’t love the tech side of running an online biz? All the more reason you need a new tech-savvy BFF. Meet Shannon.

Must-read post: The Ultimate Guide to SSL for WordPress

XO Sarah with Sarah Morgan***

Pinterest. Email marketing. Blogging. When it comes to crucial parts of a solopreneur’s marketing strategy, Sarah Morgan’s a pro at sharing both the high-level why and the uber-tactical what. She’ll dare you to blog; we’ll dare you not to get lost in her site.

Must-read post: Why Blogging Is a Non-Negotiable If You Run a Service-Based Business

Publicity, Launching and Sales

The sites to visit when it’s time to garner attention, build your launch strategy, and make more money, honey. Ready to tell us your pick for the #1 Publicity, Launching, and Sales site? Head here to vote.

Alexia Vernon**

Named the “Moxie Maven” by the White House Office of Public Engagement, Alexia’s the lady behind many-a-spotlight talk everywhere. She’s back on the list this year as she continues to reign supreme when it comes to helping women “step into their moxie” and establish their influence through speaking.

Must-read post: My Least Favorite Question As a Speaker — And How I Respond To It

Evolve + Succeed with Halley Gray**

Halley isn’t for the faint of heart, but she is for those who want to do business while braless on the couch. (So it’s no coincidence that her podcast is called Braless on Couch.) If references to cockblocking don’t phase you, hop over to Evolve + Succeed for wisdom on being booked out, writing effective sales pages, and mastering the art of free consulting sales calls.  

Must-read post: Drop “Imagine” and Say This Instead on Your Sales Page

Farideh Ceasar***

Launching. Facebook Ads. Songs. Wait, what? Yeah, those are the three things we turn to Farideh for. If she’s not helping solopreneurs avoid “launch surprises” or showing them how to use Facebook Ads in said launches, she’s likely jamming on her ukelele or recording songs with her band, Rosie & the Riveters. (We might just be her online groupies.)

Must-read post: Should You Launch or Evergreen Your Online Course?

Femtrepreneur with Mariah Coz**

Mariah’s been helping solopreneurs turn their blogs into “badass, profitable businesses” for years, and her suite of resources for building and launching online courses is key to helping them get there. From your first online course creation to your 15th, Femtrepreneur is the place to go.

Must-listen episode: How to Break Down Creating a Course into Small “Sprints”

Justine Grey

Justine has carved out a valuable niche for herself: Providing guidance on launching and scaling your own affiliate program. Her content helps you increase revenue in order to get your products into the hands of customers through engaging loyal ambassadors of your business. In her words, “I take this unique approach to customer acquisition because it works well with companies of any size, in virtually any industry.”

Must-read post: The Crucial Exercise You Must Do When Launching an Affiliate Program

Kathryn Hocking

Kathryn Hocking is your “eCourse secret weapon,” coming at you with everything from e-course idea generation to design to organization. Lest you be fooled into thinking e-course creation is all facts and evidence, Kathryn’s tongue-in-cheek “woo-woo” category name on her blog will change your mind. Bring on the woo!

Must-read post: Why Value Doesn’t Equal Lots of Content

Kyla Roma***

We love Kyla for sharing our philosophy that launching (and running a business) isn’t one-size-fits-all. She’s here to combat the idea that there’s magical formulas for anything in business and to encourage you to fit your launching strategy to you. (That’s right — no more falling into a launching comparison trap.)

Must-read post: There’s No Magical Formula That Guarantees Results

The Rule Breaker’s Club with Courtney Johnston***

Take note, fellow rule breakers. Built to serve “rebels with a cause,” the top rebel herself (Courtney) is a consistent source of fantastic content and advice on everything from writing the launch copy that’s going to sell out your next course to quick website tweaks you can make to land your next batch of clients.

Must-watch video: How to Add Scarcity to an Evergreen Product

Sabina Knows with Sabina Hitchen

If there’s one thing Sabina Knows (we’re sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves), it’s how to make quite the grand entrance onto the 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs list. With the second highest number of nominations, this new-to-us PR site was a no-brainer to include. Her many nominators describe her as fresh, gregarious, fun, positive, and supportive, just to name a few.

Must-read post: How to Get TV Publicity for Your Business

Branding, Copy, and Content Strategy

The sites to visit for tips on designing and wordsmithing the brand and content that tells your biz story. Ready to tell us your pick for the #1 Branding, Copy, and Content Strategy site? Head here to vote.

Alexandra Franzen***

If there’s a place to turn for storytelling that tugs at your heartstrings, it’s the articles written by Alex Franzen. Her personal stories and anecdotes drive lessons in writing, business, life, and love. (As she channels her spirit animal, Mr. Rogers.) Her nominator and fellow #100BestSites winner, Veronika, declares Alex “the most authentic voice on the Internet,” and we won’t disagree.

Must-read post: You Can Make Excuses or You Can Make Progress


You’ll recognize Kathleen from the duo behind Being Boss, but here she teams up with her sister, Tara, to throw down insightful advice on brand and business design for “entrepreneurs and purposeful businesses.” As nominator Hillary put it, “This is a site you can lose yourself in for days and come out feeling like you’ve been to Boss University with actionable, unconventional, and wholly fresh insights & guidance!”

Must-read post: Here’s Why You Can’t Afford To Be Vague

Brooks Editorial with Ashley Brooks***

From how to create a consistent blogging schedule to what to blog about as a VA, freelance writer, or (insert profession here), Ashley tops the list of go-to resources on blogging and content strategy how-tos. We can’t help but want to “cozy up on the front porch” and cheers our iced mochas as we learn from this content pro.

Must-read post: 5 Steps to Planning Profitable Pillar Content

byRegina with Regina Anaejionu***

One look at Regina’s website will leave you wondering “How does she do it all?” And she doesn’t just do it — she does it with humor and grace. With a biz school called “Business School for Humans” and a Twitter bio claiming that she’s a “Stage 5 clinger to #business and healthy living,” Regina is the natural pick for fun-loving infopreneurs in need of resources.

Must-read post: Think Twice about Your Online Course’s Refund Policy

The Content Direction Agency with Lacy Boggs**

While the world is focused on content marketing, Lacy’s focused on the strategy behind it — and the results it can garner. If you like a touch of mystery and a solid reminder of Carmen San Diego, The Content Direction Agency is the place to go to unlock secrets to effective content marketing.

Must-read post: KPI For Content Marketing and the Allure of Vanity Metrics

Do You Speak Freedom with Veronika Palovska

Veronika’s many nominators call her site creative, unusual, sensible, direct, authentic, savvy, and fresh. An anonymous nominator said “When Veronika’s emails come into my inbox, I know I have to drop everything and read her blog post because I will come away with inspiration, knowledge or advice” and nominator Luciana adds, “It shows you it’s possible to have your own voice on the internet.”

Must-read post: How to Blog Like a Designer (Even If You Aren’t One)

Elena Mutonono

When it comes to working smarter, not harder, Elena’s your girl — especially if you’re ready to take your teaching online. While we appreciate that this “mother of two precious trilingual kids” is a “kids-nap-time-teacherpreneur”, the site’s nominator, Luciana, calls out Elena’s ability to “teach others how to focus and think strategically” in online teaching.

Must-read post: How to Engage With Your Audience After the Launch

Kayla Hollatz***

We couldn’t say it better than nominator L’Oreal: “Kayla is #BloggerGoals.” She adds, “She’s down-to-earth, personable, and kind. When you interact with Kayla, you know it’s a real person behind the screen, not automated emails.” (We’re going to give partial credit to Kayla’s Midwestern roots for that.) Whether you’re looking for visibility, connection, or expansion (the three paths you can take once you land on Kayla’s site), she’s got you covered.

Must-read post: 6 Things I Learned from Relaunching My Brand

Maya Elious

When someone gets their start designing Myspace pages in college, you can’t help but appreciate how far they’ve come. That’s Maya, now a coach, speaker, and content strategist helping business owners get more clarity and earn more money through content marketing, product creation, and more.

Must-read post: How Much Content Should Go Inside Of A Webinar?

The Savvy Copywriter with Kimberly Crossland

We couldn’t help but laugh when we read Kimberly’s clever mission: “Opening hearts, minds, and wallets with writing.” Ultimately, isn’t that what every solopreneurs seeks to do? If you’re open to getting “real, vulnerable, and sometimes a little edgy” in your copywriting, Kimberly is your girl.

Must-read post: Taking a Page From Television Advertisers Playbook About the Buyer’s Journey

The Write Life***

From marketing to blogging and freelancing to publishing, The Write Life is a one-stop shop for all the things that make word nerds swoon. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to improve your freelance writing business or publish your first novel, we’ll warn you now: It’s tough not to fall down the rabbit hole.

Must-read post: How to Work With a Beta Reader: 5 Tips for Success

Writing Revolt with Jorden Roper

We’ll let Jorden intro herself: “Black-clad Writer. Musician. Chihuahua enthusiast. Gamer. Leading the Writing Revolt against low pay and content mills.” Her nominators say “Jorden has on-point, no-BS advice for freelance writers” and her site is “jam-packed with useful, on-target information.” The thing nominator Kat likes best? “She gives it to us straight.”

Must-read post: How I Used Cold Emailing to Make $800 In My First Month as a Freelance Writer

Unthinkable.fm with Jay Acunzo

When a podcast earns itself a review calling it “The ‘This American Life’ of Marketing Podcasts,” you can’t help but want to listen. Then, you dive into Jay Acunzo’s episodes, where he is all about exploring intuition — you know, the unthinkable — to create better work and exceptional content, and you can’t stop listening.

Must-listen episode: The Muse Is an Excuse

Biz Growth, Systems, and Productivity

The sites to visit when it’s time to hunker down and grow your biz — and the systems and productivity tips that’ll get you there. Ready to tell us your pick for the #1 Biz Growth, Systems, and Productivity site? Head here to vote.

Amy Lynn Andrews

Declaring her mission to “teach people how to start blogging, in plain English, no technical experience required,” Amy provides that and so much more in her weekly email, The Useletter®, packed with tips on all things systems, productivity, and more. (Okay, so this isn’t a site per se, but this one’s worth breaking the “rules” for!)

Must-read series: The Useletter®

Arianna Taboada

Arianna’s site welcomes mompreneurs everywhere with open arms — as she puts it: “Consider this your official welcome to the world where business and babies collide.” When you’re done picturing businesses and babies colliding (sorry, had to), get ready to learn how to plan for maternity leave and take care of yourself postpartum — without letting your business fall by the wayside.

Must-read post: 3 Business Systems You Should Set Up While You’re Still Pregnant

Devon Smiley***

We may as well call her Devon “Negotiation” Smiley, since successful negotiating is at the core of all of Devon’s offerings and resources for entrepreneurs. The goal? Helping business owners develop the skills they need to get what they want, need, and deserve in business. And we say you deserve to know about Devon’s site.

Must-read post: 4 Tips for Negotiating with a Friend

Jessica Lawlor***

It’s not very often that you get a true, behind-the-scenes look at someone’s solo business. (We’re not talking about trumped up, out-of-reach income reports here.) From detailed posts on how exactly Jess scored each of her current clients to the “brutally honest truth” about trying to combine your passions into one business, you get it here. More reason to check out her site? Brittany, another #100BestSites winner, says “Jess’ blog is the one that originally got me interested in starting a side hustle.”

Must-read post: Here’s Exactly How Much it Costs to Run an Online Business

Mallie Rydzik

While we celebrate solopreneurship daily here at OWS HQ, we love that Mallie Rydzik encourages you to “go from solopreneur to CEO.” Her reasoning? “We should be approaching our businesses like CEOs. CEOs think big picture, take big risks, and work strategically.” OWS member Danielle praises this CEO mindset, calling it “something that makes her content feel really unique and speaks directly to me…as opposed to broader business advice.”

Must-read post: How to Fight the Online Business Echo Chamber

Megan Flatt

Megan’s tagline, “Run your business like a mother” isn’t just a funny call-to-action. (But it is that, too.) Megan is a consultant for Mama CEOs, helping them recognize and embrace what she calls the “Mama Advantage” — the idea that motherhood and business ownership can feed each other, not detract from each other.  

Must-read post: The #1 Thing Video Games Taught Me about Business

Megan Minns

Mission: “Turn your business into a well-oiled machine.” Result: With Megan’s help, your biz will be humming along gracefully. The systems pro and half of the duo behind the #Femtrepreneur podcast (with fellow #100BestSites winner Mariah Coz) is the lady to turn to for help setting up systems, tracking the data in your business, and building a website that works.

Must-read post: How to Track and Analyze Your Business Statistics

Nesha Woolery

Designed for designers; applicable to the general solopreneur population — that’s Nesha’s site in a nutshell. An anonymous admirer of Nesha calls every one of her posts “gold” and nominator Chrys praises her “design process and organisation” resources. Project management tips, marketing advice for freelance design businesses, and portfolio building strategies? She’s got it all.

Must-read post: Why Generalists are the Most Successful Freelancers

SproutHR with Ashley Cox

Just because we’re solopreneurs doesn’t mean we can’t benefit immensely from corporate best practices. Ashley gets that. She delivers her corporate HR knowledge to creative entrepreneurs to help them “hire, train, and lead a thriving team.” (Red tape and business suits, not included.)

Must-read post: 3 Ways Diversity Makes Your Business More Awesome

Tara Gentile***

When she’s not devising her own business strategies for challenging the status quo and stepping outside of cookie-cutter approaches, Tara’s interviewing others doing the same on her podcast, Profit. Power. Pursuit. From marketing to business models, she’s a go-to on all things “running and growing a company in the New Economy.”

Must-listen episode: Discovering a Need And Filling It–Twice–with Marie Poulin

Work Brighter with Brittany Berger

Brittany might as well go by the “Queen Bey” of automation, as she serves up epic advice on streamlining, automating, and — as one nominator put it — “how to do the biz things, better.” But don’t for a minute think that all this talk of robots is boring…Brittany’s a pop-culture guru whose personality never stays hidden. Visit her blog to work brighter — and grab some solid advice on content creation, to boot.

Must-read post: Scheduling vs. Automation: Comparing the Best Ways to Streamline Your Systems

Finance, Law, and Other Things We Might Not Like to Think About

The sites to turn to for the “logistics”: what to do with that money you’ve made, and how to protect your business (and yourself). Ready to tell us your pick for the #1 Finance, Law, and Other Things We Might Not Like to Think About site? Head here to vote.

Amy Northard CPA

Amy’s goal is to “take the accounting stress out of your business” — and if you didn’t think that was possible, we suggest you head over to her site, first. Whether you’re wondering how, exactly, to track your mileage or if you can deduct Starbucks as a business expense (aren’t we all?), Amy’s short video tutorials and blog posts have the answers.

Must-read post: 5 Things to Know About Estimated Taxes

Annette Stepanian

Annette’s site promises “Easy legal solutions for entrepreneurs.” Easy and legal in the same sentence? Sold. Since we’re all about quickies (mind out of the gutter), we especially love her Legal Quickie podcast episodes, with topics like website privacy policies, having multiple companies under one LLC, and filing trademarks.

Must-listen resource: Office Talk Podcast

Autumn Witt Boyd

We never thought we’d be intrigued enough by a lawyer’s site to consider diverting our precious podcast listening time to a legal show. Autumn changed all that with her site and her Legal Road Map™ Podcast. As OWS member Danielle says, “She provides so much great content around the legal side of online business (that I know I can trust!)… [it’s] well-explained and fun to consume.”

Must-listen episode: Make More Money for Your Business by Licensing Your Content and Brand

the artist’s J.D. with Kiffanie Stahle

Legalese is so fun…said no one, ever. Which makes us ever grateful for the resources Kiff, “the friendly legal eagle behind the artist’s J.D,” provides. Whether you’re just getting your biz started and need to know what to have in place or you’re looking to prioritize the legalities as you level up, Kiff’s got your back.

Must-read post: Why You Need to Create an Affiliate Manual


“The business world has a language of its own. We translate the legalese and handle the fine print.” (Cue big sigh of relief from solopreneurs everywhere.) Jamie and Danielle — the duo behind Businessese — are here to help you protect #1: you, and #2: your business. (Both pretty important assets, if you ask us.) Nominator Jenny says, “Businessese takes the essential but often tedious aspects of business and makes them simple and approachable.”

Must-read post: Five Must-Have Terms for Your Independent Contractor Agreement

Careful Cents with Carrie Smith***

Carrie took a life-changing success story (paying off $14,000 of debt in two years) and turned that experience into a resource business owners everywhere can learn from. From streamlining your business finances to budgeting, and day-to-day bookkeeping to annual taxes, Carrie’s one of the few people who can distill finances down and make us feel like we aren’t alone.

Must-read post: 5 Ways to Actually Look Forward to Filing Your Taxes Every Year


With a bold call to action like “Invest Like a Woman,” Ellevest had us hooked. While we love other sites on this list for their practical tax time advice for now, Ellevest is the shove we need to remind us that we also need to financially prepare for later. (Even if it means one less latte.)

Must-read post: What’s Goal-Based Investing, Anyway?

Making Sense of Cents with Michelle Schroeder-Gardner**

You might initially visit Michelle’s blog to grab some free advice on budgeting and paying off debt — but with nearly 300 pages of archives, you’ll walk away with so (so) much more. With endless ideas for bringing in extra income to an inside look at how she runs her blog and business, we love the mix of aspirational income reports that help us dream and solid financial advice that helps us make it happen.

Must-read post: Great Financial Lessons My Dad Taught Me

Stride Health

“I love figuring out health insurance and I especially love paying for it” said no solopreneur, ever. Luckily, Stride Health is here to make the decision and buying process slightly less painless for independent business owners. Think of it as the intersection of taxes and health insurance.

Must-read post: Health Coverage in the Gig Economy

Mindset and Solopreneur Lifestyle

The sites to visit when you need a fresh start, a different take, or a reminder to love the life you’ve built as a solopreneur. Ready to tell us your pick for the #1 Mindset and Solopreneur Lifestyle site? Head here to vote.

Be More With Less with Courtney Carver

Perhaps best known for Project 333, a minimalist fashion challenge Courtney first wrote about in 2010 that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months, Courtney’s a minimalist go-to for all things clutter, work, health, lifestyle, and more.  

Must-read post: How to End the Endless Game of Catching Up

Best Kept Self***

What do mason jar salads, luxury vacations, and intentional posture have in common? They all contribute to solopreneur sanity — and are recent Best Kept Self post topics. Here’s to “self-help for the self-employed,” one mason jar salad at a time!

Must-read post: How to Have a Luxury Working Vacation and Not Feel Guilty About It

Cerries Mooney**

Everything on Cerries’ site makes us nod along vigorously. Like this declaration: “I believe solopreneurs should come in all shapes and sizes.” Us, too. And this question: “Can’t seem to commit to anything?” Guilty. But most of all? Everything on her manifesto page, which will make you want to print it out and hang it in your home office. (Lucky for you, that’s an actual option.)

Must-read post: The Problem with Being an “Expert”

Clarity on Fire**

Sometimes, we praise sites for delivering bite-sized insights and mindset shifts. (See: Seth Godin.) But if you’re looking for in-depth, thought-provoking blog posts that provide you with concrete action steps to shift your behavior once and for all, look no further than Clarity on Fire. Brownie points to Rachel and Kristen for including audio versions of their blog posts for those who do best with auditory learning.

Must-read post: How to Feel More Energized at Work (+ Generally in Life)

Danielle Dowling**

In the words of one of Danielle’s nominators, “Mixing psychology with coaching gives her a unique edge to helping business owners.” We can only add that we love how Danielle tackles issues that are important to solopreneurs but aren’t often talked about in the context of business. (Think: creating healthy relationships, romantic and otherwise, that don’t drain you.)

Must-read post: Why We Stay In a Relationship (Way) Too Long


Design*Sponge isn’t just an epic resource for designing a home you love; it’s a celebration of women entrepreneurs who are designing lives they love. Once you make it past the articles showing off inviting interiors (save those for later), you’ll discover a robust Life & Business section highlighting business tips and the ladies doing it right. (Fun Q&As with people like Nick Offerman don’t hurt, either.)

Must-read category: Life & Business

James Clear

If you’ve ever tried to adopt a new habit, you know it takes more than 21 days of wishful thinking. Enter: James Clear, the prolific writer who believes that you can change your habits to change your life. Through research-backed and psychology-based writing, he demonstrates how often we stand in our own way, and what we can do to get out of it.

Must-read post: The Akrasia Effect: Why We Don’t Follow Through on What We Set Out to Do and What to Do About It

Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

The overwhelm of the online business world is real for introverts, everywhere. That’s why we love the resources created by Katherine, who dedicates her work “to all the introverts, wall flowers, quiet achievers, and sensitive souls,” and believes that “everyone shines given the right lighting.” #preach

Must-read post: Creating Your Own Success As A Quiet Achiever

Lucky Bitch with Denise Duffield-Thomas***

Denise — a.k.a. DDT — is our go-to Money Mindset Mentor. She provides high-level, mindset-shifting advice to help you remove your money blocks and stop your self-sabotaging money habits. She says, “I’m like a gateway drug to a life-long love affair with money.” We say, “Bring on the drugs.”

Must-read post: You’re Too Expensive: How to Deal with Clients Who Say They Can’t Afford You

Made Vibrant with Caroline Kelso Zook

From the minute you land on Caroline’s site, there’s a 99.9% chance that your day will get better. After all, her content lives up to her brand, delivering thoughtful letters to shift creatives’ mindsets with bright, vibrant personality. Whether you’re looking for a pick-me-up or a thought-provoking question, you’re sure to find it here (and it’ll look pretty darn nice, too).

Must-read post: Re-defining What It Means To Be Selfish

Melody Wilding

“Your success doesn’t have to be a source of suffering.“ (Amen.) If it is currently, hop over to Melody’s site for her advice on coping with the “unique set of emotional challenges” that top performers encounter. We’re looking at you, you “haven’t-taken-an-actual-vacation-in-years” solopreneur, you.  

Must-read post: Come From a “Dysfunctional” Family? You’d Make a Great Entrepreneur

The Mogul Mom with Melissa Bolton**

Much-loved by the mompreneur community (and therefore heavily nominated!), The Mogul Mom is dedicated to the women building businesses as they raise their babies. Covering the gamut from branding to marketing and money to blogging — with a side of family, always — expect a plethora of advice from moms everywhere on this multi-author site.

Must-read post: 39 Proven Ways To Get New Clients, Fast

Puttylike with Emilie Wapnick

You can think of Puttylike as the “Home for Multipotentialites” and Emilie as the OG Multipotentialite. Emilie is here to show current and future Puttypeeps that building “dynamic, multifaceted lives, in practical and sustainable ways” as multi-passionates really is possible. Bonus points for her tongue-in-cheek book title, How to Be Everything.  

Must-read post: The Surprising Challenge of Having Fun for Fun’s Sake

Science of People with Vanessa Van Edwards

Get your magnifying glass ready and join Vanessa, “behavioral investigator” and “recovering awkward person,” as she shares insights into human behavior that just might have a positive impact on your solo business. Be prepared for “funny, science-based, sometimes life-changing articles about the science of people.” (Beaker and lab coat sold separately.)

Must-read post: 10 Successful Phone Strategies

Seth Godin**

Once again (like last year), you might wonder how Seth — a kingpin of digital marketing — ends up under Mindset + Solopreneur Lifestyle on this list. And once again, we go back to this: Seth’s daily posts continue to completely shift our mindset — often in 200 words or less. The brain behind the man with the yellow glasses is extraordinary, and he often makes us think twice about commonly-held beliefs in business and life.

Must-read post: Who Are We Seeking to Become?

Susan Hyatt

With her motto “If you crave it, you can create it,” Susan has helped ”women who crave ‘more’ out of life” both visualize and reach their goals for a decade. Don’t let her bold approach to business and life fool you, though — this is one woman who knows what fun is all about. Grab a serious dose of mindset reframing right alongside “fun Friday” content.

Must-read post: Momentum, Not Perfection

Tara Mohr

If you want to play small, Tara’s not your gal — but if you’re looking to change the world, this might just be your new home. Tara claims her work was born out of both frustration and hope, and we’re betting One Woman Shops like you are where that hope comes in. Start with her manifesto, 10 Rules for Brilliant Women, then dig into her archives for the shoves you need to push beyond your self-imposed limits.

Must-read post: Can You Have Both?

Thrive Global

It should come as no surprise that we have a serious girl crush on Arianna Huffington. (We love anyone who tells us that midday naps are not only acceptable, but healthy.) So it’s also no surprise that we love her new online home, Thrive Global. The tagline? “More than living. Thriving.” We’re onboard.

Must-read post: How I Became Exhausted by Self-Care

Val Geisler

On the list of reasons we love Val, her ability to appeal to our “inner Humanpreneur” might just be at the very top. Providing “simple solutions for overwhelmed business owners” — from her Gmail School to her “Dinner Party Strategy,” Val shines a light on introversion and helps entrepreneurs everywhere feel more sane in business.

Must-read post: 11 Perfectly Introverted Ways To Make Friends As An Adult

Women Digital Nomads

The site name says it all…Women Digital Nomads is for our wanderlust-filled solopreneur friends who crave location independence. Complete with city guides, resources and tools for working while traveling, and inspirational interviews, Women Digital Nomads is a site after our own heart. After all, celebrating location independence has been part of OWS’ mission since the beginning.   

Must-read post: The Digital Nomad Packing List Guide

All Around

Presenting: 2017’s new category, All Around. For the sites we can’t pin down to just one topic, try as we might. We admit: It’s hard to excel at everything, but these sites succeed. Ready to tell us your pick for the #1 All Around site? Head here to vote.

Being Boss**

“Do the work. Be boss.” Kathleen and Emily — the team behind the Being Boss blog and podcast for creative entrepreneurs — bring both “‘you got this’ confidence, and ‘let’s get real’ advice” on the regular, between their own stories and the guests (fellow bosses, of course) they chat with. Ladies after our own hearts.

Must-read post: How To Be a Great Podcast Guest

Blacksburg Belle with April Bowles-Olin***

We’d like to say she had us at the mention of “a Ross and Rachel kinda love” on her home page, but the truth is, we’ve been referring to this Blacksburg Belle for years for reliable advice on digital strategy, creativity, and now, the inside scoop on running a membership site. It’s what’s made April a shoe-in as a 3x winner and a must-have in our All Around category.

Must-read post: The Pros and Cons of Running a Membership Program or Monthly Subscription

Freelance to Freedom Project with Leah Kalamakis***

While “freelance” and “freedom” sound great together, to achieve them together is easier said than done — which makes the Freelance to Freedom Project ever more necessary. Leah’s multi-author blog and plethora of resources provide a well-rounded look into the freelancing life — and its ups and downs — for the newbie and veteran freelancer.

Must-read post: The Freelancer’s Guide to Handling Clients Who Haggle

ittybiz with Naomi Dunford***

If you think ittybiz is about playing small, think again. Naomi’s been helping “turn smart, quirky people into smart, quirky entrepreneurs” since 2006. Her blog is a treasure trove of honest advice and actionable tips for battling “normal, human things like self-doubt, second-guessing, resistance and procrastination on the inside – and information overload on the outside.”

Must-read post: How To Stay Amazingly Productive On Low Energy Days

Marie Forleo***

The All Around category was created with Ms. Forleo in mind. Just when you think she’s all about productivity and mindset, she throws sales advice at you. When you think she’s all about launching and publicity, she hits you with biz growth and digital marketing wisdom. And just when you think she’s all about business, she breaks out in a hip hop dance. No surprise that she’s our woman crush, shiny hair inspiration, and a stronghold on this list for the third year running.

Must-watch video: How to Be Multipassionate Without Looking Flaky

The Middle Finger Project with Ash Ambirge***

It doesn’t matter if she’s riffing on business, on travel, or heck, on the wine she drank last night — Ash Ambirge is all about the truth, and nothing but the truth. (Even when it hurts. Or makes you pee your pants, laughing.) This girlboss defines unf*ckwithable, and leaves no topic unturned — making her the perfect fit in the All Around category.

Must-read post: Women Don’t Learn How to Be Strong & Confident & Brave in Home-Fucking-Ec.

Paul Jarvis**

Paul sums up what he does best: “I help nice folks build resilient & sustainable companies of one.” That’s you, One Woman Shop. Paul’s been around for a while, and his knowledge of freelancing, serving clients, and creating products runs deep. Between his Sunday Dispatches articles and podcast, there’s no shortage of things to learn — and ways to do it — from the leader of what he deems his “rat people.”

Must-read post: See One, Do One, Teach One

Psychology for Photographers with Jenika McDavitt

Don’t let the name fool ya — the insights found on Psychology for Photographers can be put to use by just about any solo biz owner. (Hence Jenika’s subtitle: “And other creative professionals.”) With a tagline of “Understand people, be a more successful creative professional,” suffice it to say this is a more fun and relevant version of your college psych class.

Must-read post: Get People To Actually Read Your Website (With A Filmmaking Trick)

The Uncaged Life with Rebecca Tracey***

If one-night stands are your thing, no judgment. But Rebecca’s here to fight against them — in business, that is. Her goal is “Mixing business and pleasure into more than a one-night stand.” If you’re ready to run a business chockful of pleasure, head to her site. (But be prepared for some hefty doses of no-BS reality checks coming at you, too.)

Must-read post: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Running Your First Retreat

She Did It Her Way with Amanda Boleyn

Hop on to the landing page for the She Did It Her Way podcast interviews and you’re sure to recognize a familiar face — or ten. Tune in as new episodes are released or spend some time digging through the vault of interviews to hear a diverse cast of online biz’s leading ladies talk about how they’re doing business their way. (Cue Frank Sinatra’s My Way.)

Must-listen episodes: The Top 10 Podcasts

Think Creative Collective

Not to toot our own horn, but we know the work that goes into running a high-quality, consistent, multi-author online platform. (We never said modesty was our best trait…) Which is why we know how to spot ‘em. Props to Think Creative Collective, which, in the words of OWS member Danielle “always approach[es] digital strategy and business growth from a fresh and fun perspective.”

Must-read post:  4 New Ways You Can Get in Front of a New Audience on YouTube

A Little Something Extra

Running a solopreneur biz is about more than accounting, marketing, and branding — you know this. These sites and apps provide just a little something more for the solopreneur who wants to develop personally, give back, and decompress.


Our eternal thanks to Team Calm for providing us a free meditation app and corresponding mindfulness wisdom that gets us through launches (ahem, #100BestSites), stressful client projects, and day-to-day life as as solopreneur. And also? For making us feel okay about uber-short meditations. (We’re looking at you, 2-minute meditation.)

Must-read section: Mindfulness Tips


Earning a profit in your solo biz is great, but reinvesting some of that profit back into your community is even more rewarding. Our giving platform of choice? Kiva. Not quite charity, not quite investing, Kiva is the perfect blend of both, making it the gift that keeps on giving. Like we said last year, “You lend; you get repaid; you re-lend. It’s that easy.”

Must-join Lending Team: The One Woman Shop Team 🙂

NPR Podcasts

NPR lands on this list because their podcasts consistently make us just a little bit smarter, a little bit more empathetic, and/or a little bit happier — traits that serve us not only in business, but in life. From enhancing our storytelling abilities to providing us with fascinating psychological insights to helping us understand economics (in a fun way, no less), NPR is the home of a large percentage of our favorite podcasts.

Must-listen podcasts: How I Built This and Planet Money

POPSUGAR Fitness**

It’s tough to find a site that tackles physical wellness quite as thoroughly as POPSUGAR Fitness. Whether your exercise drug of choice is yoga, HIIT, weight lifting, running, or Pilates, you’ll find research-based articles, quick tips, helpful instructional videos, and upbeat playlists to keep you motivated and remind you that physical activity is essential for your body and your mind as a solopreneur.

Must-read post: How Do Exercise and Diet Mess With My Period?


If you’re a solopreneur who wants to stay informed about the world — without cutting too far into your most productive morning work hours — theSkimm is your new daily read. Combining millennial humor, a daily subject line that references a famous movie quote, and easy-to-digest world news, theSkimm will make you the girl sharing the news, not the one pretending to know the news.

Must-subscribe email list: The Daily Skimm

And with that, there you have it: 100 amazing resources to make your solo biz incredible. Don’t forget to cast your vote for the #1 winner in each category before 5/25!

100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs, 2017 Edition: Nominations Now Open!

100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs

100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs 2016 nominations now open

As you know, we make it our mission here at One Woman Shop to provide solopreneurs with the best possible tools, resources, and community they need to recognize that “going it alone doesn’t have to be lonely.”

And we know we’re not the only ones on that mission. In fact, in 2015, we proved it when we opened nominations for our first edition of the 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs, and they started pouring in. Let’s just say it was a tall task to get the list down to 100 when there are so many fantastic websites out there serving solo business owners.

We also know that new sites are popping up every day, and old favorites continue to provide an incredible amount of value — so without further ado, let’s hear your picks for the 2017 edition of 100 Best Sites!

What’s your favorite site for solopreneurs?

We’re looking for the best sites that provide rich, consistently-updated resources for solo business owners on the various elements of starting and running a business. The sites you turn to when you need advice on solopreneur finances. The blogs populating your RSS feeder for when you need launching or email marketing wisdom. The links you visit on the daily for the inspiration to quit your day job, build your side biz, or become location independent. Heck, even the sites you love to visit to give your brain a break so you can come back to your work stronger.

Speak now, fellow solopreneur!

Use the form below to nominate. Numerous nominations are encouraged! Simply submit the form, then choose “Submit another response.” (Oh, and self-nominations count!)

Editor’s note, 3/31/17: Nominations for the 2017 edition closed on Friday, March 31st. Now, we’re behind the scenes compiling your top 100 picks (there were more than we can count!) into a mega list of resources. Stay tuned!

To another year of celebrating a fantastic solopreneur community!

100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs

The 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs from One Woman Shop

Editor’s note: Want even more? Check out the 2017 list of 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs!

Welcome to the second edition of 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs.

The online world is at once both a very small and a very large place. As a solopreneur, it’s not exactly tough to find resources to help grow your solo business — but it’s a true challenge to find the very best resources that will provide the insight, advice, and tips you need to build the business that makes you want to shout from the rooftops: “I’m a solopreneur!!!

That’s what #100BestSites is all about — and this year, it’s back and better than ever. Our nominations tripled this time around, making our job of compiling, editing, and polishing these entries pretty tough — but we’re confident that what you’ll find below is a goldmine of resources that will provide both inspirational advice and actionable how-tos when it comes to rocking your business. (Oh — and a little something else, too. Our last category is a new one!)

Dig in… and be endlessly inspired to better your biz.

Digital Marketing

The sites to visit for all things marketing: blogging, social media, SEO, building your list, and developing a website that works.


Nathalie Lussier — who you’ll see again later on this list — and her husband say it best: “As allies in our marriage and business, we’re here to become your favorite allies for growing your business with elegant software solutions!” The AmbitionAlly blog reflects this — and more — with content about everything from WordPress plugins to influencer outreach to video opt-ins.

Must-read post: 5 Examples of Gamification in Marketing

Blacksburg Belle with April Bowles-Olin

“You absolutely loooove what you do, but you hate that you don’t make any {or enough} money doing it.” If this is you, enter: April — AKA Blacksburg Belle and CreativeLive star. In the words of OWS member Amanda: “She’s a business coach for creative women, and she’s got a no-nonsense style, and you can tell it’s because she cares so much.”

Must-read post: 10 Reasons Your Marketing Efforts Aren’t Working


ConvertKit — the newest player in the email marketing platform arena that people (including us) can’t stop talking about — has an equally valuable blog. In between sharing best practices for making the most of their platform, they break down general best practices for email marketing. Color us “converts.”

Must-read post: The Anatomy of the Perfect Email

Design Your Own Lovely Blog with Marianne Manthey

Calling all DIY-ers! If outsourcing design and tech work isn’t in your budget (yet) or you’d love to master basic tech skills, you need Marianne and DYOB in your life. Suddenly, HTML and CSS don’t seem so scary, are we right?

Must-read post: Don’t Put Off Learning HTML + CSS! Here’s What You Need to Know

House of Brazen with Elise McDowell

We had a tough time choosing a category for Elise’s online home because, in her words, it’s a site built for those who are “ready to build a profitable business that allows you to sleep in, go for a hike in the middle of the week or take a vacation when you feel like it…” (Solopreneur mindset + lifestyle, anyone?) But in order to get there? You’ve gotta kick ass online, which she’ll help you with.

Must-read post: Why Micro-Adventures are Good for Business

Jess Creatives with Jessica Freeman

Jess says she could live on chai lattes and peanut butter and she has a dog named Morgan Freeman. (Just a few reasons you can love/trust her.) But don’t just take it from us — one nominator said: “I really enjoy how Jess breaks things down to simplify them,” while another noted her “insightful posts on design and freelance topics.”

Must-read post: Why Etsy and Facebook Can Not Be Your Only Online Presence

Kyla Roma

With a bio section in her footer that’s headlined with “Who dat, who dat? K-Y-L-A,” we can’t help but get psyched when we land on Kyla’s digital homebase. As a business coach and digital strategist, Kyla’s blog runs the gamut from building a better web presence to eliminating distractions from your essential work.

Must-read post: How to Build Community Around Your Business Before You’re Ready

Lara Eastburn

Besides the fact that she’s a PhD-bearing geek who also loves wine, we’re drawn back to Lara’s site on repeat because of what she helps small(er) businesses do: “Speak Human. Win the Internet.” Lara’s site is a go-to for everything social media: from Facebook Ads to using “linguistic disruption to restore real gratitude” in tweets. (For real.)

Must-read post: Thank You (Yawn) For Sharing

Liz Lockard

Liz’s tagline sums it up: “Getting more traffic doesn’t have to be so hard.” What a relief. As Tara Gentile (another #100BestSites winner) testifies: “If you’re listening to anyone else but Liz on search, you’re wasting your time. I’m just so tired of people being taken advantage of when it comes to SEO. I love her approach and what it stands for in terms of both business strategy & people-centric thinking.”

Must-read post: The Vanity Metric That’s Killing Your Business

Marketing Creativity with Lisa Jacobs

Marketing Creativity is the brainchild of Lisa, the owner of an Etsy jewelry shop-turned-marketing consultant. Who better to learn from about the ins-and-outs of marketing an online store than someone who has, you know, actually done it? And if you love gold and glitter? Bonus! You’ll feel right at home on her site.

Must-forward post: How to Support the Creative Entrepreneur in Your Life

Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa Griffin is the artist formerly known as the head of The Nectar Collective. We can’t promise that visiting her site won’t inspire a serious bout of the comparison trap (then again, most of these sites probably will), especially with her enviable income reports. But we can promise that she’ll offer you killer digital marketing advice backed with stats and examples.

Must-read post: How to Use Bonuses in Your Business to Turn More People Into Customers

Nathalie Lussier

If her name looks familiar, it’s because Nathalie’s a rock star who made this list twice. (See AmbitionAlly, above.) We couldn’t neglect her namesake site, though — which is perhaps best known for its 30-Day List Building Challenge — but is all about creating “a digital strategy that matches your ambition.”

Must-listen episode: Tech Checklist for a Successful Launch

Sarah Von Bargen

We confessed last year that we’ve nicknamed Sarah Von Bargen “SVB” because we reference her so often. (We’re all about efficiency.) Every time we read one of her posts, we’re struck with a “Wow, that’s so obvious, yet we haven’t been doing it” moment. (You know that feeling, right?) She encourages us to think out-of-the-box when it comes to online marketing, be creative in order to maximize our efforts, and get more honest with ourselves.

Must-read post: Just Because You Don’t Like Something Doesn’t Mean You Can Ignore It


The team at Skillcrush (ladies we happen to love) is out to promote freelancing and solopreneurship by making tech skills easy to learn. While their Career Blueprints rock, their blog is a stellar place to go for advice on freelancing, design and tech, and social media marketing. (And who doesn’t love a company who can make an awesome April Fools joke?)

Must-read post: How to Decide Which Programming Language to Learn

Tiny Blue Orange with Alison Monday

The team behind Tiny Blue Orange (that would be Alison and her two pups, Brutus and Pixel, of course) believe that security, sass + sweetness make the world go ’round. We <3 sites that can talk tech and make it oh-so-delicious.

Must-read series: Nerd Alert (obviously)

Wellpreneur with Amanda Cook

According to listener Helen, Amanda Cook of the Wellpreneur podcast “shares actionable advice, inspirational podcasts, resources and great courses!” Amanda has carved out a niche amongst health coaches and “wellpreneurs,” but her digital marketing advice is applicable to any online business owner who aspires to be “authentic, vibrant, creative, and caring.”

Must-listen episode: Being a TedX Speaker with Adria DeCorte

WP+BFF with Shannon Mattern

Last year, WP+BFF was a new-to-us site that landed on the list because of a nomination. This year, Shannon was hands-down the most nominated site, which is a testament to her community’s trust in her when it comes to WordPress site-building. In the words of Cate: “Shannon is authentic, fun, and provides the best information and support for building a website…” (We couldn’t agree more.) Emily adds, “She has helped me make my own WordPress site…using real language [not tech-speak].”

Must-read post: Are You Making These Mistakes on Your Website?

XO Sarah with Sarah Morgan

From creating passive income to doubling your blog traffic, Sarah Morgan is a web designer who’s out to help you make more with less. Her badass blog is a treasure trove of resources for design, productivity, Pinterest, blogging, product creation and much, much more — and her Insta feed will make you want to drop everything and learn aerial arts.

Must-read post: 3 Blog Design Updates That Made a Big Difference in My Traffic, Subscribers, and Shares

Publicity, Launching and Sales

The sites to visit when it’s time to garner attention, build your launch strategy, and make more money.

Alexia Vernon

Alexia is all about helping rising female leaders (so yeah, you) develop their story and share it with the world. She helps followers “step into their moxie” through storytelling and speaking, with signature programs focused on “your spotlight.”  Oh — and her movement has spread to the White House, where she was branded as a “Moxie Maven.” #heckyes

Must-read post: Haters, Copycats and Raving Fans (Why They Have Everything and Nothing To Do With You)

Amanda Genther

A seasoned designer and pro in branding, Amanda’s out to help you brand and launch your next online course. If you’ve struggled with making your ideas happen, pushing past resistance, or launching a digital program, it’s pretty much guaranteed that her site has a resource for you.

Must-read post: My 8-Step Process for Writing Sales Page Copy

Betty Means Business with Kate Byrne

Sales are slimy. Pricing sucks. Playing small is safe. ← We witness these mentalities all the time, but Kate, of Betty Means Business, has answers for all of them. Spend just a few minutes on this site, and you’ll realize that Betty really does mean business.

Must-read post: Business Slow? 21 Client-Winning Moves to Make Now

Emma Lawrence PR

In a fast-moving world of Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, more traditional PR can often be overlooked. But it’s certainly not dead. Though it has evolved, the principles are still very much intact. And if you’re ready to take control of your own PR, you need the wisdom of Emma Lawrence, your new PR coach.

Must-read post: 5 Secrets to an Irresistible Press Pitch

Evolve + Succeed with Halley Gray

Halley Gray likes to do things like: send out mugs that read “Fuck yeah!” and host a series called Drunk Webinars. But amongst the goofiness, she shares some pretty powerful advice on booking yourself out with client work and rocking your launch strategies.

Must-read post: The #1 Mistake All Client-Based Businesses are Making (and How to Fix It)

Farideh Ceaser

The main calls-to-action on Farideh’s website are “I launch you.” “You launch you.” and “Songs.” So simple and practical, yet so attention-grabbing. Whether you’re in the market for a launch strategist, DIY launching wisdom, or clever biz songs (like the one called “Should I Do a Webinar?”), Farideh’s your girl.

Must-read post: 50 Ways to Build Buzz Without Doing a Webinar or a 3-Part Video Series

Femtrepreneur with Mariah Coz

Sometimes we want to skip the sugar coating and have someone give it to us straight. Enter: Mariah, who encourages — nay, insists — that you “stop screwing around with your blog and turn it into a badass, profitable business.”

Must-read post: The Truth About Content Upgrades

Hey Shenee with Shenee Howard

Anyone who uses Friends and Full House GIFs on their site is a-okay with us. Shenee also rocks long-form posts and is candid with her business struggles, which win her even more brownie points. If you’re looking for a “fist-bump and high-five…to get you going in the right direction,” it’s time to say “Hey, Shenee!”

Must-read post: 8 More Things Internet Marketers Don’t Want You to Know

Launch Grow Joy with Andreea Ayers

Andreea works with product-based businesses to get their products the attention they deserve. Whether it’s setting up an online store, getting more traffic, or gaining media coverage, her blog and podcast are a go-to resource for online store owners who want to launch, grow, and find joy. (Had to.)

Must-read post: How to Write a Product Description That Does the Selling for You

Branding, Copy, and Content Strategy

The sites to visit for tips on designing and wordsmithing the brand and content that tells your biz story.

Alexandra Franzen

Alex Franzen’s writing style is unlike any other. She draws you in with personal anecdotes and examples until you find yourself alone behind your computer whispering “Wowwww” under your breath and nodding slowly. She inspires you to take action, but more so, to shake up your mindset and start seeing things differently — especially when it comes to sharing your business’ story.

Must-read post: How to Tell a Great Story — Onstage

Brooks Editorial with Ashley Brooks

We bet at least a few of you reading will relate to Ashley’s bio: “I make the most of our rare warm weather by spending every spare minute on the front porch with a book. In a perfect world, I always have an iced mocha in hand and a book in my purse.” In addition to sharing our love for coffee, reading, and coziness, Ashley shares our love for effective content strategies.

Must-read post: 5 Myths You Believe About Content Strategies (That Are Dragging Down Your Business)

ByRegina with Regina Anaejionu

If you spend time on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen one of Regina’s branded images pop up on your feed. But a consistent brand on social media isn’t the only thing Regina does right — she’s also the queen of content for infopreneurs. We wouldn’t be surprised if you do a double-take when you start following her due to the sheer volume of quality content she puts out.

Must-read post: How to Create Super Share-Worthy Blog Posts

Canva’s Design School

It’s time to go back to school. Design School, that is. Even if you work with a designer in your solo business (or are a designer in your solo biz!), mastering basic design skills can serve you well. In addition to being an image editing service, Canva offers design lessons and inspiration — like the pros and cons of flat design and designs from around the world  — through its “school.”

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The Content Direction Agency with Lacy Boggs

Doused with mystery but incredibly clear when it comes to content and sales cycles, Lacy is Director of The Content Direction Agency. Her mission is to help your content out of its identity crisis, and her “Eyes Only Content Library” shows you how. (Oh — and if you liked a good game of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego back in the day, you’ll love navigating her website.)

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Even if your ultimate goal isn’t to create a business based around copywriting, creating content is a crucial — and inevitable — facet of running a solo biz. Having some copywriting chops will make that next landing page or email campaign a heck of alot easier, and Copyhackers is the place to turn for all things copy. Fitting name, indeed.

Must-read post: Why Your Copy Needs to Pick a Fight with the Other Guy (Instead of Smiling and Shrugging)

The Crown Fox with Kaitlyn Kessler

You know we like pretty things — but we also like incredibly helpful things, as well. You can find both over at Kaitlyn’s site. What we love most? How in-depth she goes on topics like re-branding, creating social media graphics, and gaining authority through design. In the words of OWS member Julienne, “Kaitlyn offers really great overview posts of branding do’s and don’ts.”

Must-read post: Three Signs You Should Rebrand & One Sign You Shouldn’t

Elle & Co. with Lauren Hooker

A graphic designer by trade, Lauren has years of experience under her belt learning the ins-and-outs of building a brand and business. Through a wealth of step-by-step tutorials and how-to posts, she helps other small business owners and solopreneurs build brands, create websites, and grow audiences so that they’re poised to sell.

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Garnishing Co. with Susannah Brinkley

It’s really no surprise that the brains behind the Feast and West blog, Susannah, would also choose a food-related term for a branding and design resource, and we can’t help but love her for it. Garnishing Co. is all about “helping bloggers and small business owners make their brands thoughtfully beautiful — on a budget,” and despite being a relatively new blog, her resources go deep in helping you DIY your design.

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Kayla Hollatz

Anyone who has a fierce love for writing, creativity, and hot chocolate is a friend of ours. But what adds fuel to Kayla’s fire is her passion for community building, something she showcases through her weekly Twitter chat and ever-evolving community, #createlounge. We love her blog for tips on cultivating creativity and using social media to build your brand.

Must-read post: The Difference Between Growing an Audience and Community (and Why Both Matter!)

The Middle Finger Project with Ash Ambirge

Sass, sarcasm, and smarts: Ash Ambirge puts it all on the table over at The Middle Finger Project. She provides “unconventional advice for unconventional women,” and while you have the option to switch from Snark Mode to Censored on her site, we highly recommend the snark. We can’t quite say it better than we did last year: Sometimes raunchy; always insightful.

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Nicole Baute

A “writing coach and story strategist,” Nicole breaks down the barriers that keep you from writing and helps you discover the voice that is your own. We appreciate her honest approach to creating copy and content, and her candid advice for making it work for your business.

Must-read post: Stop Sounding Like Everybody Else

The Rule Breaker’s Club with Courtney Johnston

Out to serve “rebels with a cause,” we turn to Courtney’s blog and videos when it comes to sales pages, emails, and when to ignore your audience. (You read that right — she’s a rebel, remember?) Once you’ve experienced her “Rainbow of Sales,” you’ll never go back.

Must-watch video: Email Marketing Mindset

The Story of Telling with Bernadette Jiwa

Bernadette’s a two-timer on this list for a reason (or two): Her customer service-oriented approach and shunning of rational sales strategies makes us think twice, and her short-form posts pack a great deal of punch. Her real-world examples and focus on storytelling makes her resources all the more insightful.

Must-read post: What Do Your Customers Really Want?

White Oak Creative with Lindsay Humes

Lindsay isn’t your standard blogger — she’s the blogger who also builds the WordPress themes you’re blogging on, which makes her blog a haven for information specific to blogging, including tutorials, resources, and design inspiration. The depth of her tutorials makes even the most tech illiterate of us (cough, cough) feel savvy.

Must-read post: Move Over, Grandma! Why Site Speed Matters + Tips to Improve It

The Write Life

The Write Life was built to help writers “create, connect, and earn,” but it’s safe to say that the site has evolved into an overall fantastic resource for building a brand as a freelancer. Whether you’re looking to improve your writing skills or your social presence, there’s likely an article for that.

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Biz Growth, Systems, and Productivity

The sites to visit when it’s time to hunker down and grow your biz — and the systems and productivity tips that’ll get you there.


Some business sites sell the idea that a business that runs like a well-oiled, revenue-generating machine is easy to come by. 99U reminds us that “‘Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration.’ To truly make great ideas a reality, we must act, experiment, fail, adapt, and learn on a daily basis.” In a word? Evolve. It’s what the articles on 99U help us do.

Must-read category: Iteration

Being Boss

A team after our own hearts, Kathleen and Emily launched Being Boss as a podcast for creative entrepreneurs who identify as “the rebels, the quiet ones, the schemers, and the dreamers.” Through a mix of kick-ass guests and mini-sodes, they cover all aspects of “boss-ness” (that’s our made up term…), from launching to partnership and fitness to email marketing.

Must-listen episode: Playing Big with Tara Mohr

Devon Smiley

Whether you’re stuck on pricing a proposal or you’re in a sticky situation with a client and need to find your way out, Devon’s your go-to girl. A negotiation consultant who’s “out to make sure you’re not getting the short end of the stick when you do business,” her Smiley Sessions (bite-sized, action-driven videos) are fantastic for solopreneurs at any stage of the game.

Must-watch video: A Quick + Simple Bottom Line Booster

The Freelance to Freedom Project

We think it’s safe to say that freedom — with your schedule, your energy, your creativity, maybe even your location — is something all of us solopreneurs aspire to. While we don’t think it can happen with the snap of your fingers, we think it’s possible through strategic work. Enter: The Freelance to Freedom Project, where Featured Writers share their wisdom on just that.

Must-read post: You Can’t Do It All. Do This Instead

Heartmade Blog with Mayi Carles

In between showcasing her handmade illustrations, quoting The Lion King, showing off her adorable baby, and throwing in a few Spanish words to bump up our vocabularies, Mayi gives tips ‘n tricks on running a multi-faceted business and ditching the idea of balance.

Must-read post: Turn Life’s Messes Into Creative Triumphs

Heather Crabtree

We say “savvy,” you say “Heather Crabtree.” Heather’s got the lockdown on savviness through posts about everything from creating on-point Pinterest profiles to branding on a budget to networking for introverts. Oh, and we <3 this: “Do you feel those big virtual hugs I am giving you right now? (Sorry if you are not a hugger. Sometimes I forget to ask before I hug.)”

Must-read post: How Hiring a Virtual Assistant Can Benefit You Emotionally

Hit the Mic with The Stacey Harris

An audio engineer by trade, The Stacey Harris (yes, The) has more than 250 podcast episodes under her belt and loves sharing her secrets for making it work. (Hint: She dispels a lot of myths.) Beyond podcasting, she’s a natural resource for all things social media. Take it from reader Barney: “Pink hair, brash straight talk served up with community love and goodness!”

Must-listen episode: 3 Things You Must Know About Launching a Podcast

IttyBiz with Naomi Dunford

The irony behind “IttyBiz” is that Naomi’s out to help you become less little — and in the words of OWS reader Nela, she does it in a way that’s “hype-free, honest, down to Earth and focused on what really matters.” Her posts go in-depth on the barriers holding you back from growth in your business and provide tangible (and entertaining) advice on how to break them down.

Must-read post: 11 Warning Signs Your Business Has a Serious Upper Limit Problem

Leah Kalamakis

You might recognize Leah’s name from her claim-to-fame (well, one of several): Freelance to Freedom. In addition to creating and facilitating the FTF community, she also builds valuable content about business systems and processes to help you stress less and impress — which is (not coincidentally) the name of her popular course. OWS member Julienne says that Leah “gives a great overview, so you really feel like you understand the purpose — not just the how.”

Must-read post: Why You Need More Than a Simple Contact Form

Lucky Break Consulting with Lela Barker

What’s in a name? If we’re talking about Lela’s biz, it’s a lot of luck. But she knows it takes a lot more than luck to build a business, and is out to help the handmakers and creators of the world price their products, gain those products visibility, and ultimately run an empire.

Must-read post: A Friendly Tutorial on Those Vexing UPC Codes

Marie Forleo

We know it’s cliché to worship at the feet of Marie Forleo, but we just can’t help it. She delivers boatloads of valuable content every Tuesday through MarieTV — and her perfectly shiny hair and gorgeous wardrobe don’t help our severe bout of envy either. Luckily, she manages to stay relatable with her silly intros and her philosophy that “We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.”

Must-watch episode: Redefining Success with Arianna Huffington

Nice Ops with Amber McCue

Upon landing on Amber’s website, you’re greeted with messages like “Get an A+ in running your business” and “Operations are sexy…if you’re doing it right.” We love her coy copy and her call to own a business “instead of your business owning you.” Also important? Her reminders that, even as a solopreneur, leadership and systems are crucial.

Must-read post: Is it Time to Fire Yourself?

Organized Creatives

If we could summarize Organized Creatives in one word, it would be: simplification. (Are you surprised we didn’t cheat and use “organized” or “creative”? Come on, we try harder than that!) Organized Creatives is all about simplifying your life, both online and off, so that you can spend time on the things you want to pursue creatively.

Must-read post: How to Let Go of Physical Clutter

Paul Jarvis

If we had to sum Paul Jarvis up in three words, it would be this: The original freelancer. Of course, that’s not exactly true, but Paul certainly knows what’s up in the realm of freelancing. From dealing with clients to launching courses, he tells it like it is — and offers insanely valuable tips for other freelancers in his Sunday Dispatches and on his podcast, The Freelancer (among many other places).

Must-read post: There’s No Such Things As a Big Break

RM Harrison

RM works with service-based creatives to find “business alignment” and strengthen their brands — and we particularly love her talk on client love. Here’s what OWS reader Devon has to say about the #RMTruth blog: “RM gets right to the heart of what I’m struggling with, and helps me through.”

Must-read post: How to Clone Your Favorite Client

She Owns It

We love this site for its magazine-style quality and breadth of topics that help “celebrate, support, and connect women entrepreneurs.” (A cause after our own hearts!) From networking to leadership and healthy lifestyles to inspiration, She Owns It serves as inspiration to grow our biz and better ourselves.

Must-read post: The Fortune Is In the Follow Up

Side Hustle Nation with Nick Loper

We know many of you are rocking the side hustle while working full-time jobs. (Mad props!) If this is you or you just want some out-of-the-box revenue generation ideas (think: raw land investing, brand ambassadorship, and voiceover acting), you’ve got to check out Side Hustle Nation.

Must-read post: The Mini-Victory Theory and 17 Mini-Wins You Can Get Today

Tara Gentile

Tara’s perhaps best known for her Quiet Power Strategy, “combining intense focus with uncompromising vision and strategy.” We love her focus on focus (see what we did there?), and in the words of OWS member Amanda, “She’s strategic, fun, and nerdy.” (So, basically, what we’re all about here at OWS.)

Must-read post: Have Trouble Creating an Action Plan and Sticking to It?

The Uncaged Life with Rebecca Tracey

Rebecca is like your older sister who tells you the things you need to hear — even when you don’t necessarily want to. Whenever we read anything of hers, we think “Dang. Now that girl gets it.” Then she adds in some sexual innuendo humor, which seals the deal for us. (Her signature offering, which is about creating packages in service-based businesses, is called “Hey, Nice Package!” See what we mean?)

Must-read post: Is Your Business Coach Full of Shit?

Unsettle. with Sarah Peterson

“Unsettlers are a group of people who are unsettling from the status quo, challenging career and work norms and building their dreams.” Sarah’s site isn’t for everyone — but if you’re someone ready to do the work to make a change, check out the blog and podcast to find a roadmap for identifying your skills and interests, and grab the resources to help you get started.

Must-read post: An Insanely Simple 3-Step System to Building a Business On the Side

Finance and Law

The sites to turn to for the “logistics”: what to do with that money you’ve made, and how to protect your business.

Blonde on a Budget with Cait Flanders

If minimalism is your jam (…or you would like it to be) and you could stand to improve a bit on your personal finances (um, who can’t?), Cait’s site is for you. Her bio says it best: “Blonde on a Budget is Cait Flanders’ journey from being a maxed out, overindulging girl to becoming a balanced and financially sound woman.” We think it’s safe to say that our brunette and redhead friends are welcome on the site too.

Must-read post: You Weren’t Born to Pay Off Debt and Die

Careful Cents with Carrie Smith

Follow Carrie for a bit over on the Careful Cents blog, and you’ll wonder what she doesn’t do. Her site is a goldmine for tactical resources on freelancing, finances, and productivity. (Oh — and breakfast. Yes, breakfast.) We turn to Carrie for incredibly helpful tutorials on all things logistics, and can’t help but mention that she’s one half of the Budgets & Cents podcast with Cait, listed above.

Must-read post: How to Find Affordable Health Insurance When You’re Self-Employed

Creative Genius Society with Patrice Perkins

When’s the last time you got sucked down the rabbit hole when it came to legal biz logistics, and loved every minute of it? Patrice has a way of taking something we all like to put in the very (very) back of our minds — the law — and make it…fun. (Yes, we really mean that.) She knows how to take topics like trademark law, contracts, and business structures, and make them digestible. Oh — and she’s a self-described “American Bar Association Legal Rebel.” (Love.)

Must-read post: Why You Should Hire a Trademark Attorney + The Real Cost of DIYing Your Trademark

Freelancers Union

We’re not gonna lie — buying health insurance and putting away money for retirement don’t rank super high on our list of favorite things to do within our businesses. But, since we know they’re important for our mental and financial well-being, we appreciate sites like Freelancers Union that step up to make it easier on all of us. “Building a better future for the independent workforce,” indeed.

Must-read post: 4 Ways to Put Your Tax Refund to Work

Making Sense of Cents with Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Beware the rabbit hole: Michelle’s a former financial analyst who’s now self-employed and traveling the US full time in a RV, and her blog is updated daily on all things budgeting, debt reduction, retirement, and much, much more. Though her blog is packed to the brim with helpful advice, her approach to life is that of a minimalist — an added layer that we love.

Must-read post: Why Would A Person Choose To Live A Frugal Life?

Rodgers Collective with Rachel Rodgers

What if you could consistently learn from someone who’s not just a creative with a business-centered mind, but also has an ultra-firm grasp on the law? That’s Rachel, creator of Small Business Bodyguard and owner of Rodgers Collective. You’ll want to hit up her blog for advice on cash flow, income, and “intelligent law + business strategy.”

Must-read post: Why (And How) to Project Your Business Cash Flow


SCORE is a veteran organization with a mission of helping small businesses succeed from the ground up. The organization is particularly helpful for securing free, in-person business mentoring, but supplements its physical resources with online articles covering start ups, marketing, finance, technology, and more.

Must-read post: If You Don’t Value Yourself, Who Will?  

Sweeter CPA with Helena Swyter

We hear that ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your business finances and taxes. (We’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news, friends.) Helena of Sweeter CPA keeps you up-to-date on important but often overlooked issues, like sales taxes, depreciation of property, home office deductions, and in-kind advertising. If that doesn’t sound fun to you, we promise that Helena will make the whole process feel a bit “sweeter.” (Get it?)

Must-read post: Small Business Taxes: Getting Started, Quarterly Estimates, and Forms 1099s

Mindset and Solopreneur Lifestyle

The sites to visit when you need a fresh start, a different take, or a reminder to love the life you’ve built as a solopreneur.

Alex Beadon

Alex is all about helping you discover what you love to do, get past the fear of doing it, and learn how to make money in the process. Though she rocks social marketing and blogging (she shares the behind-the-scenes of her entrepreneurial life via Snapchat stories), it’s her Monday Mantras that landed her back on this list.

Must-read post: Monday Mantra — “How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything”

Art to Self with Steph Halligan

A stellar cartoonist, Steph started creating illustrations to accompany her daily notes to herself — then decided to share them with the world. And we’re so glad she does. From getting started to getting past mental blocks, her daily notes in your inbox or RSS reader are the perfect way to start the day as a solopreneur.

Must-read post: Let It Ebb and Flow

Best Kept Self

Us solopreneurs are a proactive, independent bunch — but who can’t use some assistance in kicking ass, taking names…and making it back home for our bedtime? That’s why we love Best Kept Self’s tagline: “Self-help for the self-employed.” Even more than that? We love their Instagram bio: “Because you should invest as much into your soul and mind as you do your website and biz cards.” All we can say is: YAAAAASSS. (Sorry, we had to).

Must-watch video: Concrete Takeaways for Overcoming Self-Sabotage

Chasing Creative

Despite having just been born in early 2016, Chasing Creative quickly joined the ranks of this fine list for its unique topic: Making creativity a priority in our busy lives as women. Ashley and Abbigail bring on writers, musicians, photographers, and more to talk about what keeps their creative juices flowing when the day-to-day grind takes over.

Must-listen episode: Make A Mini Creative Retreat with Jennie Moraitis

Clarity on Fire

For the ladies who don’t feel like you’ve found your “sweet spot” where your passion meets your skill set: Clarity on Fire is for you. Our favorite way to take in Rachel and Kristen’s insight? Through their #ClarityGems. In their words, “Think of #ClarityGems as your weekly shake of the good ‘ole Magic 8 Ball…you never know what might bubble up and how it might be exactly what you need to hear today.”

Must-read post: Confession: I Have No Desire To Be a #GirlBoss

Coach Jennie with Jennie Mustafa-Julock

If you’re in need of a bit more tenacity in your life, you need a dose of Coach Jennie, our resident giver of “cathartic shoves” and the Queen of Blab (our favorite video platform). If that’s not enough to tempt you to check out her site? Go there to discover who the heck Hilda is. (We guarantee you know her.)

Must-watch video: Stop Standing In Your Own Way

Danielle Dowling

With a title of Dr. (yes, Doctor) Danielle pairs psychology and life coaching to inspire lasting change that helps you “say yes to you.” (For sanity’s sake!) We absolutely love that Danielle is “unabashedly intellectual,” putting those masters and doctorate degrees to work serving women the world over.

Must-read post: Dear Danielle: Help Me Be a Confident Introvert

Danielle LaPorte

Don’t let your fear of the “woo woo” steer you wrong: Danielle LaPorte knows how to get after it, from expressing your creativity to building relationships and clarifying your purpose to owning the fact that you’re a woman. Her “Public Library” is chockful of reading material that is bound to light a white-hot fire inside of you, sister. (/woo)

Must-read category: For Your Ambition, and Your Doubts

Danielle Zeigler

Sometimes, in addition to being great writers themselves, the bloggers we love to follow are amazing curators of content. That’s Danielle. We love how she combines the best of both health and business-related finds into her weekly roundup, Sunday Link Love. Sunday afternoons have never been so fun.

Must-read post: How Your Physical Environment Affects Your Work


Besides being a one-stop shop for DIY and interior decorating advice, Design*Sponge shares stories of entrepreneurship through their Life & Business section. Want to know what types of profiles and topics you’ll find? We spotted the following titles: “Art Meets Recycling,” “Unhooking from Praise and Criticism,” “What Baking Has Taught Me About Business,” and “Rolling with the Punches.”

Must-read column: Life & Business

Get Gutsy with Jessica Lawlor

Whether the call to #GetGutsy lights you up or instills fear in the pit of your stomach, we bet you’ll love Jess’ approach to getting out of your comfort zone. And if you need more inspiration to #GetGutsy? Just follow along with Jess’ transition from a side hustler to a CEO in her Becoming CEO blog series.

Must-read series: Becoming CEO

Jess Lively

Whenever we hear the word “intention” in everyday life, we immediately think of Jess Lively and her tagline, “Designing a life and business with intention.” (No, really, we do.) If you’re ready to stop living and working aimlessly and instill more intention in your actions, you’ll love her blog and her podcast, The Lively Show (cute name, right?).

Must-listen episode: Better Than Before: Mastering Habits Based on Your Personality With Gretchen Rubin

Kylie Patchett

Since we’re big fans of alliteration, Kylie immediately had our attention with her fun job title: “Mind, Money, + Mojo Coach.” If learning to “bust through fear, self-sabotage and overwhelm to grow [your] business” sounds pretty darn tempting, you’ll want to check out Kylie’s work. (Warning: A serious case of accent-envy is in store when you watch her videos.)  

Must-read post: The Whole Truth About Entrepreneurship (It Ain’t All Sunshine + Lollipops)

Ladypreneur League

Sometimes as a solopreneur, you don’t want to read marketing advice or productivity tips. You want to crack open a bottle of wine (how many times do you think we’ll mention wine on this list?!) and focus on life outside of work — whipping up a meal, reading a book that’s been on your Amazon wishlist a little too long, or flexing your yoga muscles. For those times, Ladypreneur League is for you.

Must-read post: 5 Tips for Keeping Fit – From Your Desk!

Laura Simms

As people who like to cuddle up with a mug of coffee, a good book, and a cozy blanket at home, we feel an instant connection to Laura’s tagline: “I’m Laura Simms, and I help people find careers that feel like home.” She adds, “Using an approach that is practical and holistic, you can find a meaningful career that also supports the kind of life you want to live.” Speaking our language, sister.

Must-read post: The Top Three Traits of People Who Do Meaningful Work

Lucky Bitch with Denise Duffield-Thomas

Maybe you’re all about the money. Or maybe thinking and talking about money makes you want to hide under the covers (with a glass of chilled white wine and Netflix, obviously…does that count as #NetflixAndChill?). Either way, Denise gives you a “fresh and funny roadmap to create an outrageously successful life and business.” We’ll take it!

Must-read post: 3 Money Taboos Nobody Talks About


Wondering if we’ve spelled and capitalized mindbodygreen correctly? In their words, “…we want to give you everything that’s great for you: mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and environmentally — because we believe these pillars of wellness are vital and interconnected. Hence mindbodygreen (one word, not three).” Our response? Bring on the wellness!  

Must-read post: 5 Days To Eco-Friendly: One Simple Swap To Make Every Day This Week

The Mogul Mom

Not everyone in our community will be a mom one day, but for many, mompreneurship is a current or soon-to-be adventure. The Mogul Mom — led by Editor-in-Chief Melissa Bolton — will help you navigate running a biz alongside your mom duties with posts on everything from creating a media kit to whether moms should put themselves first.

Must-read post: Transitioning from Motherhood to Entrepreneurship

Project Healthy Happy Me with Naomi Arnold

When we saw the name of Naomi’s site, we were sold. Add in that her community member Fleur says Naomi’s work “radiates love,” and we couldn’t stay away. Naomi calls it “a safe place for big-hearted and mission-driven people who want to make a difference in the world” and she provides that by highlighting worldwide events like Global Sisterhood Day and sharing insights from Elizabeth Gilbert.

Must-read post: How to Give Back as a New Business Owner or Coach

Raspberry Magazine

The content in Raspberry Magazine is as fresh and inspiring as its name. From overcoming business burnout to recipe writing, creator and editor Alana has created the perfect digital magazine for the female entrepreneur who knows that business and life overlap. Subscribe to get the newest issues first, as well as a pass into the library of back issues, with cover stars like Alex Franzen, Natalie MacNeil, Hilary Rushford, and more.

Must-read article: How Gratitude Can Help You Navigate the World With Ease

Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette

When we think about why we love Real Talk Radio, we can’t get past Nicole’s description of it: “refreshingly honest conversations about the wonderful mess of being human.” That’s exactly what it is, and exactly why we can’t stay away. Each season (she’s had four so far) brings on a mixed bag of athletes, entrepreneurs, parents, artists, and more, to talk things like self-care, productivity, secret dreams, and guilty pleasures.

Must-listen episode: Emma Gannon on Freelance Life, Supporting Other Women, and Avoiding the “Shoulds” of Life

Seth Godin

You might wonder how Seth — a kingpin of digital marketing — ends up under Mindset + Solopreneur Lifestyle on this list. Well, Seth’s been blogging for two decades, and somehow his daily posts continue to completely shift our mindset — often in 200 words or less. The brain behind the man with the yellow glasses is extraordinary, and he often makes us think twice about commonly-held beliefs in business and life.

Must-read post: Getting Ahead vs. Doing Well

Soul Rising with Lindsay Weisenthal

We’re suckers for pretty visuals that help us better understand a message — and Lindsay’s got ‘em. There are line graphs. There are pyramids. There are Venn diagrams. *record scratch* (Wait, whaaaa? Showstopper.) And all of them are geared toward understanding and feeding your soul, both at work and in life.

Must-read post: My Fake Plants Died

A Little Something Extra

Running a solopreneur biz is about more than accounting, marketing, and branding — you know this. These sites and apps provide just a little something more for the solopreneur who wants to develop personally, give back, and decompress.


Just landing on Calm’s homepage inspires instant stress relief, but it’s the app that we love the most. Calm brings simplicity to meditation, making it easy for even the most stubborn meditators (cough, cough) to make it a habit. And the calendar tracking feeds our little Type-A hearts.

Must-try series: 7 Days of Calm

Clients from Hell

Whenever we need someone to confirm that we are not going crazy and that, yes, our clients are wackos, we first turn to the One Woman Shop community — then to Clients from Hell. We’re all about taking responsibility as solopreneurs, but sometimes we just need a good ol’ dose of “WTF?! That actually happened?” to make us feel better about our own situations. The name says it all.

Must-read page: Top Client Stories


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: We’re nerds. So a tagline like “Science-based happiness games and activities” makes us giddy with…well, happiness. If you love gamification and don’t like stress, head here to get measurably more happy — starting today.

Must-view graphic: This State of Mind Is Where Your Best Ideas Come From (Is The “Tortured Artist” a Myth?)


If the endless learning you experience while running your solo biz isn’t satiating your appetite for knowledge, Highbrow is for you. They offer “bite-sized email courses delivered to your inbox daily” but the catch is that you can only sign up for one at a time in order to avoid overwhelm. Courses include The Fundamentals of User Experience, Trials That Shaped the Modern World (for our fellow The Good Wife lovers out there), and Most Important Numbers in the World.

Must-try course: Incredible Female Leaders Through History


Wanna know something that has been proven to increase your happiness? Giving. And more importantly, it serves others. Kiva “works with microfinance institutions on five continents to provide loans to people without access to traditional banking systems.” You lend; you get repaid; you re-invest. It’s that easy.

Must-join Lending Team: The One Woman Shop Team 🙂


We think taking care of ourselves physically is pretty freakin’ important for solopreneur sanity. That’s what POPSUGAR Fitness is all about. The site talks about everything from cardio hip hop routines to mason jar lunches and killer plank variations to the importance of rest days.

Must-read post: Here’s Your Primer on HIIT Workouts

And, because we’re so generous, we wanted to leave you with a bonus resource. When you need to escape for a few minutes and meditation or Netflix aren’t cutting it, we recommend the game 1010. You’ll either love us or hate us once you become addicted…TBD.

And with that, there you have it: 100 101 amazing resources to make your solo biz incredible. And, if you’re not fully satiated yet, why not read some stories of solopreneurs who are making their way toward success? Download The Road to Solopreneur Success ebook for free today for even more actionable insights into running your solo biz.

100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs, 2016 edition: Nominations Now Open!

100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs

100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs 2016 nominations now open

As you know, we make it our mission here at One Woman Shop to provide solopreneurs with the best possible tools, resources, and community they need to recognize that “going it alone doesn’t have to be lonely.”

And we know we’re not the only ones on that mission. In fact, in 2015, we proved it when we opened nominations for our first edition of the 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs, and they started pouring in. Let’s just say it was a tall task to get the list down to 100 when there are so many fantastic websites our there serving solo business owners.

We also know that new sites are popping up every day, and old favorites continue to provide an incredible amount of value — so without further ado, let’s hear your picks for the 2016 edition of 100 Best Sites!

What’s your favorite site for solopreneurs?

We’re looking for the best sites that provide resources for solo business owners on the various elements of starting and running a business. The sites you turn to when you need advice on solopreneur finances. The blogs populating your RSS feeder for when you need launching or social media marketing wisdom. The links you visit on the daily for the inspiration to quit your day job, build your side biz, or become location independent.

Editor’s note, 3/25/16: Nominations for the 2016 edition closed on Friday, March 25th. Now, we’re behind the scenes compiling your top 100 picks (there were more than we can count!) into a mega list of resources. Stay tuned!

Behind-the-Scenes of 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs

behind the scenes of 100 best sites for solopreneurs

We always appreciate when business owners give us the inside scoop on the behind-the-scenes of their business. Those income reports from big-time bloggers? We eat that stuff up. We admit it: we’re super nosy — and we love to learn.

Given that we love transparency, we figured you might, too — which is why we launched our monthly Behind-the-Scenes column. Instead of cramming information on our recent 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs list into that post, we decided to dedicate a whole post to the secrets behind our recent launch — so you can learn alongside us (and we can reference it when it comes time next year!).

The end goal was two-fold: first, we wanted to provide an amazing resource for solopreneurs just starting out or looking for sites to help them level up in certain aspects of their biz — sites complementary to ours, from digital marketing to finance, and more. Second, in the spirit of true transparency, we’ve seen how effective bundled opt-ins and roundup posts can be to engaging others in sharing. By highlighting 100 different sites, we hoped most who were nominated would share the win with their audiences, thereby expanding our reach.

We’ll start off by saying one thing: we had no freaking idea how time-intensive building the list would be! #truth

That being said, we were delighted that we met both goals. Solopreneurs mentioned their excitement over having such a comprehensive resource at their fingertips and most of the people on the list were more than happy to share their accomplishment with their communities. So without further ado, let’s get into the behind-the-scenes.

Here’s how we made it work:

  • We involved our community from the get-go by putting up a nomination form on the site and promoting it through an email to our list and on social media. We asked for their favorite solopreneur resources and why they liked the site.
  • In the 11th hour, we realized that we needed a bit of external help to finish things off, so we turned to our members. For the nominations that were missing the why piece, we asked members to weigh in. It saved us tons of time and ensured a variety of unique insights and perspectives.
  • We set several internal deadlines, but other projects kept taking precedence. We eventually knocked things out with several long, live Google Hangouts sessions (complete with wine, popcorn, and perhaps a few too many Reese’s Cups — just kidding, never enough).

Here’s what we learned:

  • When in doubt, get on a Hangout. Don’t have a business partner? We host both general and themed coworking sessions for our One Woman Shop members, as well as a monthly accountability group for our Espresso Level members. Live Hangouts helped us to get out of our own heads, talk stuff out, and get back to action.
  • Google Docs = a life savior. Okay, we more re-realized this than learned it, but WOW — thank you, Google Gods, for all that you do! If you’re not a Google Doc user yet, finish reading this post then make it a priority.
  • Categorization is tough. We felt strongly that The List should be divided into categories, because a list of 100 of anything is overwhelming. But — we found it tough to create fitting categories and then categorize each site accordingly. We chalk this up to the fact that many solo business owners dabble in a variety of different services and products.
  • Coming up with unique descriptions is tough. While every site is certainly different, our vocabulary only expands so far when we’re time-strapped and tired. In later editing rounds, we had to remove “cute” and “spot-on” from many a-description 🙂

Despite the challenge of compiling The List, the result was well, well worth it. One word to sum up feedback and outcomes? Stellar. Here’s what we saw:

A ton of people mentioning the list, including:

(If you included the 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs in a post on your site, let us know and we’ll include a link above!)

The most traffic in one day that we’ve ever had on the site:

results of 100 best sites for solopreneurs

These kind words + awesome reactions (and names in our inboxes that made us nerd out):

What surprised us + where we made mistakes (oops):

  • Surprising: Facebook was far and away the biggest driver of traffic for the post. We credit this to the fact that we invited (read: asked) all winners to share our Facebook post about The List.
  • Surprising: There are a TON of sites not on our radar. We were so thankful for the plethora of nominations that alerted us to new sites + resources!
  • Oops: We forgot to include the hashtag #100BestSites, so we had to do some last-minute edits.

What we did right:

  • We made it easy for all of the site winners to share about their wins by providing them with pre-drafted social media content, as well as a handy dandy badge (making things easy for those you collaborate with is something we talk about a lot in our new Building Your Online Community e-course)
  • Instead of sending a mass email to all of the winners, we sent personalized emails (which we think contributed to the fact that the engagement from those on the list was so high)
  • We created individualized recurring tweets in Edgar mentioning the Twitter handles of each winner (so that they can easily retweet and spread the word to their respective audiences)

What we still need to do:

We love the idea of repurposing content into more than one form to make the most of it. And given how much time we put in, we plan to milk this baby for all it’s worth! Here are some ideas we’ve had (more to come, we’re sure):

  • Create a YouTube video announcing the winners
  • Turn the list into a Slideshare

What we’ll do next year:

Our hunch is that next year’s list will be a million times easier to create, given that we have a previous example to refer to, we know how to #getitdone, and people might know the list a bit more and want to be on it. Here’s what we plan to do to ease our workload:

  • Email all previous list winners to ask for their nominations and self-nominations
  • Email all those who commented on the post on our site
  • Email all previous nominators
  • Encourage people to write more unique, specific descriptions, beyond “great tips!” or “fantastic resource!”

Even still, we’re sure there will be surprises in store for us next year, as well! (And we can’t wait.)

100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs

The 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs from One Woman Shop

Editor’s note: Want even more? Check out the 2016 list of 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs and the 2017 list of 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs!

A few weeks ago, we put a call out: we wanted to know the sites you turn to for insight, advice, and tips on running your solopreneur business. You spoke. We listened!

The nominations poured in, and we set to work compiling, editing, and polishing those entries into one amazing resource for you. The process wasn’t easy — in fact, there are far more than 100 great sites out there and many of our nominees could easily fall into more than one category — but the end result is worth it. Without further ado, we present to you: the 100 best sites for solopreneurs.

Dig in… and be endlessly inspired to better your biz.

Digital Marketing

The sites to visit for all things marketing: blogging, social media, SEO, building your list, and developing a website that works.

Alex Beadon

Alex’s site and services exist to help you get past the fear of the unknown to start “doing what you love for a living.” Her blog covers digital marketing and entrepreneurship, and if you’re just getting started, her “How to Create a Blog in Less Than 10 Minutes” is a free resource to give you a kickstart.

Must-watch video: An Unusually Smart Pricing Strategy

Alexis Grant

Alexis’ tagline describes her motto: “Make your own luck in your career and life.” OWS member Jessica describes the site perfectly: “Alexis provides a real, down-to-earth perspective about her journey from maintaining a side hustle, to being a one woman shop, to now running her own team.”

Must-read post: A Trick for Getting Where You Want to be Faster

Kim Herrington

Kim works with bloggers and business owners to set and meet blogging goals, improve their SEO, and market themselves online. Outside of her blog, we love learning from her vlog and encourage heading on over to her #bearchat on Twitter.

Must-read post: Why I Gave Up On Being an At-Home Solopreneur

Blog Brighter with Nadine

Blog Brighter is a simple site with a whole lot of value. In Nadine’s words, she “aims to share what I’ve learned as a blogger in a non-intimidating way.” If you want to take your blog to the next level, Blog Brighter should be amongst your first stops.

Must-read post: How $3 Brought Me 50,000 Page Views (in 3 Days)

Elembee with Lisa M. Butler

Lisa is a web designer and developer who offers “straightforward web guidance for making it happen online” through her blog at Elembee (yep — that’s LMB, her initials). We love that she makes managing your website seem fun and — dare we say it? — manageable.

Must-read post: Why I Deleted Almost 500 Posts

Kyla Roma

A web designer and business coach, Kyla knows blogging. As one reader said: Kyla’s site gives “blog business strategy for passionate creatives who dream and then do.” OWS member Brittany likes that’s Kyla’s blog is “helpful, relatable, and straightforward — she has great (free + paid) resources for improving your business!”

Must-read post: Five Minutes to a Better Blog: Make Your Blog Bio Fascinating

LKR Social Media

Laura Roeder + team share comprehensive insights into social media and digital marketing. Her team’s how-to posts are incredibly thorough, and her recap of research makes it digestible. We also love her weekly “The Dash” newsletter for quick, immediately-actionable tips.

Must-read post: Someone Figured Out the 5 Reasons People Share Content Online

Marie Poulin

Marie understands how the entire digital ecosystem works. She works with entrepreneurs and designers on digital strategy, productivity, launching, and building community — and her blog is a fantastic source for topics like designing your client experience, proposal makeover, and more.

Must-read post: How Designing Your Ideal Week Can Increase Your Productivity (and Sanity)

Marketing Creativity with Lisa Jacobs

Lisa runs Energy Shop Jewelry, her creative business that inspires the blog at Marketing Your Creativity. For the creatives out there, turn to Lisa’s site for tips on boosting your creative business with “passion and purpose.”

Must-read post: How I Tripled My Blog Traffic in 3 Months

Nathalie Lussier

Nathalie is out to provide “digital strategy that matches your ambition” — a cause we can get behind. Her free 30-Day List Building Challenge has been the kickstart to many-an-entrepreneur’s community-building efforts.

Must-read post: How to Design a Business Funnel That Works for You

Olyvia with Erika Madden

As online entrepreneurs, we couldn’t help but fall for Erika’s tagline: “Be delightful online.” Her site covers customer service, marketing, and PR that gets you noticed and makes the most of your little corner of the internet.

Must-read post: How Do I Get My Business Noticed Online?

Sarah Von Bargen

Sarah Von Bargen (who we’ve nicknamed SVB because we reference her so often) “helps make people and businesses awesome on the internet.” Her insight is always eye-opening, and her posts are engaging in an “I-wish-she-was-my-best-friend” sort of way. We are ALWAYS nodding “yes” in agreement.

Must-read post: How to DIY A Super Cheap, Effective Writing Retreat

Secret Bloggers’ Business with Kate McKibbin

Kate knows her stuff when it comes to building a business by blogging — and she shares her “no-fluff, no-BS knowledge” via the Secret Bloggers’ Business (SBB, for short). From the simple stuff to the more complex, her posts are incredibly helpful for bloggers — and it also helps like she’s a pun-enthusiast. (Yes!)

Must-read post: How To: Make the Most of a Viral Blog Post


Believers that digital skills = job skills, Skillcrush provides “amazing advice for freelancers, with a really fun voice and tone to all of their articles”, according to one reader. From “foolproof” guides on WordPress to advice on making clients happy, the ladies behind Skillcrush will help you take your biz to the next level.

Must-read post: 21 Steps to Making Grumpy Clients Happy

Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

Pat is one of the most successful online entrepreneurs out there — and is utterly transparent about how he got there. (He calls himself the “crash test dummy of online business.”) Between his Smart Passive Income blog and the Ask Pat podcast, there’s no end to what you can learn from him as your build your online empire.

Must-read post: And They Said I Was Stupid – A Thought from 21,400 Feet in the Air

Social Studio

Social Studio is just that — a community for helpful social media how-tos, solopreneur interviews, and so much more. Reader Holly calls them “hardworking ladies, with a fire for social media.” We can get behind that, for sure. (And yup, Cristina’s a sucker for their pink and gray branding.)

Must-read post: Improve Your Instagram with Iconosquare!

Tiny Blue Orange with Alison Monday

Alison provides “zesty web development, splash-worthy design + lip-smacking support.” And she’s on a mission to help you “smarten up your sphere of the internet.” We love her website tips + insight on development — and her blog is hosted at tinyblueorange.com/fun. That says something!

Must-read post: The Stages of a Web Design and Development Project

WP BFF with Shannon Mattern

Shannon’s out to help you conquer WordPress – in a beautiful, fast, and free way (hence, the BFF). Her how-to tutorials and Women to Watch series are particularly helpful for one woman shops just starting out.

Must-read post: How to Sell an Ebook On Your WordPress Site: The Definitive Guide

XO Sarah with Sarah Morgan

We love Sarah’s tagline: “Blogging. Business. Badass Life.” Her behind-the-scenes tips on how she’s built her blog into a business helps you do the same. (And her aerial arts practice is pretty freakin’ badass, too.)

Must-read post: 9 Ways to Reduce Your Blog’s Bounce Rate

Branding, Copy, and Content Strategy

The sites to visit for tips on designing and wordsmithing the brand and content that tells your biz story. 

Abby Kerr and The Voice Bureau

Abby and her team at The Voice Bureau provide “brand voice development for values-based businesses.” She knows a thing or two about branding and voice — and she puts it all out there on her blog to help you with your conversations, your content, and your creative lifestyle.

Must-read post: A Plea to the Entrepreneurial Blogosphere: Stop Mimicking A-Listers & Other Brand Idols. Please

Alexandra Franzen

Alexandra has a straightforward approach to communicating, and presents the most simple concepts while managing to blow your mind. Her blog is a serious goldmine for your business and your personal relationships.

Must-read post: Everything is Marketing

Amanda Berlin

Amanda’s a communication consultant who helps you “create content that connects.” She’s particularly liked by reader Laura for her “short, actionable advice that makes me want to improve my web copy with ease.” With a background as a pitch-writer, Amanda provides essential resources for telling your story.

Must-read post: Do You Need to Write Core Values?

Amanda Genther

Amanda is a “digital stylist for creative women entrepreneurs + their crazy awesome ideas.” Her blog helps you get to the bottom of designing a brand that supports your products, services, and launches.

Must-read post: 5 Myths (You Probably Believe) About Creating Digital Programs

Braid Creative

Braid Creative is run by sisters who bring the full package: the “right braid” and “left braid,” that is. Together, they provide “branding and business visioning for creative entrepreneurs,” and we love their blog for tips on just that — as well as general life how-tos.

Must-read post: How to Write Your Business Tagline

The Branded Solopreneur with Andrea Beltrami

Andrea is a maven for design. She provides “visual strategies & branding badassery” for solo business owners and her blog is a goldmine for tips on design, social media, and life as a solopreneur. (Sidenote: we frequently misspell entrepreneur, too…and we don’t think it has anything to do with the wine guzzling!).

Must-read post: How to Get an Influencer’s Attention Without Being a Suck Up

The Business Bar

The Business Bar works with “passionate solopreneurs all over the world” to help build their small business presence. They excel when it comes to brand identity, marketing, and content strategy, and their blog covers all aspects of solopreneurship — from Instagram to insurance.

Must-read post: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Helping Insurance Suck a Little Less

ByRegina with Regina Anaejionu

Regina was our most nominated site, and for good reason. Reader Marianne Manthey says it perfectly: “Between Regina’s content and worksheets and her humorous writing style, she continuously creates ridiculously useful content.” If you want an epic business and blog, this is the site.

Must-read post: 33 Types of Blogger Collaborations for Fun and Profit

Elle & Company with Lauren Hooker

Reader Monique sums up quite nicely the site that Lauren has created: “Elle & Company has all the graphic, blogging and online advice I need to run my online business.” Our community also loves #ElleChat, the weekly Twitter chat that Lauren hosts.

Must-read post: How to Create a Brand Style Guide

Hélène Scott

Hélène is out to help you BOP — brand on purpose, that is. An experienced designer and solopreneur herself, she helps fellow female solo business owners stand out amongst the noise by building the brand and business that “you were born to create.” Whether its her “Battle Cry” or “Soapbox” on the blog, you stand to learn something, every time.

Must-read post: First Year (or So) as a Solopreneur? This is for You!

Hey Shenee with Shenee Howard

Shenee makes branding just plain fun — and that playful attitude comes through her posts, resources, and “labs.” (She walks her talk — she’s committed to her chemistry theme, and it rocks.) OWS member Rachel says: “I’ve been struggling with “branding” myself and she makes me take it to another level.”

Must-read post: Copy + Erotica: All About the Details

Jules Taggart

Jules helps put the “human” back in online communication. Her blog riffs on all things content strategy and online marketing — and we love her belief that there’s “no business challenge that can’t be solved with a Moleskine, Post-It notes, and three different color highlighters.”

Must-read post: What Maids Can Teach Us About Earning Repeat Business

Kayla Hollatz

Kayla “helps you make a killer impression online, fine-tune your creative process, and connect with your target audience.” As one reader shared, “She’s transparent with her content and gives her readers really actionable tips.” Oh — and we love joining the #createlounge Twitter chat she hosts!

Must-read post: 29 Ways to Give Back to Your Blog Community

The Middle Finger Project with Ash Ambirge

Ash + her cohorts at The Middle Finger Project take a no-holds-barred approach to running a business — as evidenced by the quotes scattered around the site, like “Smart businesses don’t do boring” and “Not for humorless bores.” Sometimes raunchy; always insightful.

Must-read post: Dear Friends: I Work From Home (And Yes, It’s a Real Job)

Nikki Elledge Brown

We dig Nikki’s vibe, which works out well since she is “The Communication Stylist.TM” Think we can all relate when she shares this: “Sooo I’m not a wardrobe stylist. (FACT: I spend most days in pajama pants.) I AM, however, a WORDROBE stylist.” Head on over to her blog for tips on communicating, business building, and more.

Must-read post: How to Survive Biz Puberty (It’s a Thing)

Red Slice with Maria Ross

Maria demystifies branding and marketing — and delivers it all with a side of apples. Red Slice, in her words, is a “provocative sandbox for entrepreneurs who crave real brand-building juice, with an inspiration chaser.” Find tips on branding, inspiration, and running your entrepreneurial hustle.

Must-read post: What Happens When You Don’t Match Your Brand

Rule Breaker’s Club with Courtney Johnston

As the leader of the Rule Breaker’s Club, Courtney provides “Copywriting, Business, and Life Advice for Rebels With a Cause.” Aside from an awesomely clever name, she also riffs on when to invest in your business, how to tell people what you do, and so much more.

Must-read post: 4 Ways You’re Leaving Money on the Table

Story Bistro with Tea Silvestre

We love this quote from Tea: “If we don’t find a way to share who we are and what we do, our businesses will fail.” That’s why she created Story Bistro: to make your story part of your marketing. Her blog is a great place to find your voice — and we can’t help but just feel welcome to her “bistro.”

Must-read post: The Manifesto: Why Your Business Needs One and How to Write It

The Story of Telling with Bernadette Jiwa

Aside from her creative business name + branding, Bernadette is well-loved amongst solopreneurs because of her ridiculously short — but super smart — posts. OWS member Rachel appreciates her “great advice on sales, branding, and identity.”

Must-read post: Why Most Marketing Fails

Publicity, Launching, and Sales

The sites to visit when it’s time to garner attention, build your launch strategy, and make more money. 

Betty Means Business with Kate Byrne

From her home page: “My heart of hearts won’t let me settle for mediocre. And I’m betting, neither will yours. Because your heart knows you’re worth more. Way more.” Truth. We love her mission + her blog — and Betty Means Business rolls off the tongue nicely, wouldn’t you say?

Must-read post: 21 Jobs You Don’t Have to Do (Ever)

Farideh Ceaser

In addition to her awesomely entertaining stints on the ukulele, Farideh’s site is the perfect place to study everything launching. She’s not afraid to share the step-by-step process– and a song — when it comes to making more money, self-promotion, and creating the most epic launch strategy.

Must-read post: How to Promote Yourself Without Feeling Like a Narcissistic Egomaniac

Gwen Elliott

Gwen is devoted to helping you “put your business out there in a bigger way” — by garnering media. She calls it “the glamorous side of entrepreneurship” (i.e. the days we’re not in our yoga pants on the couch), and her expert advice on why and how to secure media coverage is incredibly helpful for solopreneurs.

Must-read post: Not Sure What Press to Target? Start With a Press Pyramid

Kendrick Shope

“Authentic sellingTM” is what Kendrick is all about — and she teaches you how to make selling “an extension of you and the business you love” via her web show, KTV. If you want a good dose of Southern accent mixed with actionable insights to help your sales game, this is the place to be.

Must-listen episode: Hate Selling? Read This

Launch Grow Joy with Andreea Ayers

We love Andreea’s singular focus on one very specific goal: to help you gain publicity for your product-based business. If that’s you, don’t miss The Launch Grow Joy Show — a podcast on bringing your idea to life and getting your product line the attention it deserves.

Must-read post: 5 Creative Ways to Get Rid of Extra Inventory

Melissa Cassera

Fan girl alert: we love heading over to Melissa’s site to “curl up and chillax.” Melissa’s out to get you more publicity and sales, and offers resources like her “Better Bio Challenge” to get you there. (Bring the blanket, wine, and get ready to laugh.)

Must-read post: Are You Booting Your Customers Out the Door- Before the Party is Over?

Yoneco Evans

Yoneco is a “communications sidekick + launch strategist” who helps womenpreneurs (hey, that’s us!) “build audiences through teaching, speaking, and launching.” She runs The Thriving Solopreneur Podcast, and personally, we love that she plays a mean game of Connect Four.

Must-read post: 6 Reasons Launches Sometimes Fail

Biz Growth, Systems, and Productivity

The sites to visit when it’s time to hunker down and grow your biz — and the systems and productivity tips that’ll get you there. 

Blacksburg Belle with April Bowles-Olin

A blogger and fellow lover of all things Instagram, April consistently provides practical advice to help “struggling creatives turn their passions into life-sustaining careers that they’re head-over-heels in love with.” (And we *might* relate to the fact that she can’t play board games with her husband because she’s too competitive…)

Must-read post: Five Tips for Maximizing In-Person Events

Brilliant Business Moms

Sisters Sarah and Beth Anne have created a resource that shares the stories of mom-preneurs all over the world. If you’re wondering how these ladies do it — or are a mum-preneur in a creative business yourself — this is the place to be to see how moms are being brilliant in business.

Must-listen episode: How to Choose a Conference; 10 Factors to Consider

Devon Smiley

Devon serves a very particular niche — but one we all need as a solopreneur: she’s a negotiation consultant. When you’re torn on what to include in a contract, how to increase your revenue without upping your workload, or how to rise above rejection, Devon’s blog is a safe haven.

Must-read post: How Much Is Not Negotiating Costing You?

Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas

A case study in consistency, John interviews an entrepreneur every day of the week. (Yep, even on the weekends!) OWS member Rachel loves the podcast: “He has a great way of encouraging entrepreneurs to share awesome, practical, and inspiring advice.”

Must-listen episode: John Lee Dumas Chats with Guy Kawasaki of Alltop.com

Erin E Flynn

Erin’s business is built around helping designers turn their visions into beautiful websites, but we particularly love her focus on streamlining processes and working with difficult clients. OWS member Katie especially appreciates her FB group, “The Unstoppable Design and Dev Crew” where Erin hosts challenges and connects designers and developers.

Must-read post: 5 Tips to Stay Focused When Working From Home

Freelance to Freedom with Leah Kalamakis

We all start our businesses to earn more freedom, right? Yet somehow it’s just not that easy, but Leah is here to help. Her tagline says it all: “You’ve got skills. Sell them. Be free.” She shares the inside scoop on doing just that — and we find her content to be spot on, time and time again.

Must-read post: 50+ Things You Could Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Heather Crabtree

Heather’s on a self-proclaimed mission to “help you run your business without running yourself crazy.” (Don’t we all need that?) Her blog covers productivity, social media, and the tools you need to streamline your business. (And lots of references to candy + dance parties, so you know we’re fans!)

Must-read post: Stop Wasting Time in Your Email Inbox

Hit the Mic with Stacey Harris

Stacey’s mission is to help you “amplify your business online” through a social media strategy that grows your community — without the “douchebag tactics.” (Yup, we can get behind that.) Her Hit the Mic podcast covers more than just social media: she riffs on systematizing, eliminating stress, upping your income, and more.

Must-listen episode: 3 Steps to Better Hangouts


Their mission makes us smile: “We help little businesses become less little.” Their biz advice is blunt, to-the-point, and ridiculously helpful. (And we literally laugh out loud when we read this: “Naomi Dunford started IttyBiz in 2006. In her free time, she likes to… ha! Free time. You’re adorable.”)

Must-read post: Should You Really Join A Mastermind Group? (A Potentially Contrarian Opinion)

Lucky Break Consulting with Lela Barker

Lela works with makers and product designers “on the move” to help them build sustainable businesses — and, if you will, get lucky. We love Lela’s strong brand, the fact that she highlights her makers on “Meet the Maker Mondays”, and her #LuckyBreakBookClub.

Must-read post: Thanks for the Bag of Dicks…No, Really

Marie Forleo

It’s not often you find an expert who rubs elbows with Oprah and Richard Branson, yet manages to create actionable videos for female entrepreneurs that include a Jersey accent, rap songs, and aerobics in 80’s gear. MarieTV is fun, helpful, and always reminds us that “everything is figureoutable.”

Must-watch video: Feel Like It’s All Been Done Before? Watch This

Nice Ops with Amber McCue

Amber focuses on operations and streamlining for people who want to “rule your empire and sweeten your bottom line.” Her blog talks planning, pricing, and systems, among other things. Oh — and Danielle LaPorte has said that Amber is “80 percent, Get it done + 20 percent, ‘Fun.’” So, there’s that.

Must-read post: Are You Drinking the Kool-Aid?

Organized Creatives

For those 3:05 p.m. moments where you think “Brain… getting… fuzzy. More coffee.” — Organized Creatives just gets it. (That’s straight from their Happy Muses manifesto.) The blog + “Muse Therapy” podcast gives you everything you need to tame your crazy, organize your life, and refresh your routine.

Must-listen episode: Staying Curious with Creative Cross-Training

Screw the Nine to Five

We love heading over to “the Screw” with Josh and Jill — a ridiculously cute husband and wife team — for a reminder that ditching that 9-to-5 was, indeed, our best decision. OWS member Naomi loves that they “are very candid” and “sound like real people, giving actionable steps you can implement in your quest.”

Must-listen episode: Analysis Paralysis: How To Stop Overthinking And Take Action Today!

Secrets of a Side Hustler with Chivon John

Side hustlers: “don’t wait for opportunities: create them.” That’s Chivon’s M.O. We loved this feedback from fan Gwen: “This amazing site provides content, connections, and support I need on this crazy side hustlin’ adventure.” In addition to the free resources on the blog, Chivon also hosts the #SideHustleChat on Twitter Tuesdays at 8pm EST.

Must-read post: Show Me The Money: 3 Creative Ways to Fund Your Business

She Takes on the World with Natalie MacNeil

In her words, Natalie helps you “turn your small business into something big” — and helps you get started through her free, 14-day Conquer Course. For further preparation to take on the world through your solo biz, treat Natalie’s blog, videos, and interviews as your roadmap.

Must-read post: Spying and Buying from Your Competition

The Solopreneur Hour with Michael O’Neal

Michael provides “job security for the unemployable™” by bringing us “lively conversations… for proudly #unemployable people who are primed for real prosperity and fulfillment.” Let’s just say this — it’s #2 on Google when you search for “solopreneur” for a reason.

Must-listen episode: 6 Things I Did Wrong When I Launched The Solopreneur Hour

Side Hustle Nation with Nick Loper

Side Hustle Nation is a community of entrepreneurs who know what it is to hustle. Nick’s Side Hustle Show podcast covers a variety of unique topics (from product licensing to building a speaking career to growing your Amazon-based business) and features popular entrepreneurs along the way.

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The Suitcase Entrepreneur with Natalie Sisson

The epitome of location independence, Natalie teaches entrepreneurs to build freedom-based businesses. (You don’t necessarily have to live out of a suitcase.) OWS member Katie appreciates that Natalie “shares different systems that have helped her along the way”, while member Naomi loves her productivity tips.

Must-listen episode: How to Schedule Your Non Conventional Lifestyle

Tara Gentile

Tara empowers “idea-driven entrepreneurs to create personalized plans for success” and believes in what she’s deemed “Quiet Power.” We love what this reader has to say: “Honest, smart and research-based biz advice served with heart and class.”

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To Business Owners with Lindsey Tolino

Lindsey started To Business Owners because she wants to help “passionate people with the best products succeed.” If this sounds like you, head on over to the open letter she’s writing about business growth, managing finances, and maintaining your vision.

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The Uncaged Life with Rebecca Tracey

Rebecca provides resources and coaching “for big thinkers who want to have a threesome with clarity, confidence, and action.” (Who doesn’t?!) Turn to her blog for smart advice on creating memorable service packages, how to plan your business, and more.

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Your Super Awesome Life with Ashley Wilhite

Ashley is a coach who helps you “live your super awesome life while creating your freedom-based business.” Her blog and resources are devoted to getting you to your first $10K as a solopreneur, and we love her mission to make it on your terms. (It also helps that we have a mutual fondness for wine + Hanson. Don’t judge.)

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Freelance Writing and Publishing

The sites to visit when you’re looking to build your skills as a writer, craft your manifesto, or self-publish your ebook.

Awake the Bones with Elora Nicole

Elora believes that every book deserves to be written — and we know a lot of solopreneurs with “write a book” on their bucket list. Awake the Bones is an ever-growing resource for authors who need a community, a shove, and the inside knowledge on developing your manuscript and jumping into the world of indie publishing.

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Brooks Editorial with Ashley Brooks

Ashley is an editor for authors, bloggers, and entrepreneurs, so she knows a thing or two about writing and publishing. Her blog is a fantastic resource for all things words and productivity, and we can’t help but want to curl up with a good book when we land on her cabin-inspired site.

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The Write Life

The Write Life helps writers “create, connect, and earn.” OWS member Brittany sums it up nicely: “My favorite thing about The Write Life has to be that it covers all types of writing – from business blogging to fiction publishing. I end up learning a lot of really interesting things about topics I never would have thought to seek out information on.”

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Finance and Law

The sites to turn to for the “logistics”: what to do with that money you’ve made, and how to protect your business.

Careful Cents

Carrie helps “creative freelancers and solopreneurs tackle financial mountains.” A former accountant, she’s transparent in her journey of entrepreneurship, and as reader RM shares, “Carrie gives amazingly simple, helpful and bullshit-free money advice — from setting goals to choosing the best bank account and more.”

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Creative Genius Society with Patrice Perkins

Who said law was boring? Patrice, the “genius” behind Creative Genius Law, provides counsel on “Life, law, + biz for brilliant minds.” (Sounds like you, right?) Get her free insight on living your #geniuslife at the Creative Genius Society.

Must-read category: Strictly Legal

Freelancers Union

A network of over 261,000 members, the Freelancers Union is a group of “practical revolutionaries” who are “advocates for the new workforce.” We love that the Union provides logical, straight-forward resources for the must-haves of solopreneurship: insurance, taxes, learning, and more.

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Kali Hawlk

Kali’s a financial writer and mentor for millennials — and is committed to seeing your solopreneur business soar. Her blog covers everything from taxes to finding time to start a business, and is incredibly relatable as a fellow millennial and OWS.

Must-read post: Do I Have to Pay Taxes If I Earn Money on the Side?

Rachel Rodgers

Want a lawyer who “gets it”? Rachel focuses specifically on legal counsel for digital entrepreneurs — so, she knows online business. You might know her as the creator of Small Business Bodyguard, but her blog is always open with real examples to help you understand legal issues.

Must-read post: You Don’t Have to be a Lawyer to Understand Copyright, You Entrepreneur, You.


SCORE is a nonprofit that helps small businesses “get off the ground, grow, and achieve their goals through education and mentorship.” The association has been around for more than 50 years, and is particularly helpful for brick-and-mortar businesses looking to build a local presence.

Must-read section: Run & Grow a Business

Mindset and Solopreneur Lifestyle

The sites to visit when you need a fresh start, a different take, or a reminder to love the life you’ve built as a solopreneur.


For “insights on making ideas happen,” there’s hardly a more comprehensive resource than 99U, a site by Adobe’s Behance. A must-read resource for time management, decision-making, iteration, achievement, and more, it’s all too easy to fall down the 99U rabbit hole — but come out better for it.

Must-read category: Time Management

A Beautiful Mess

Elsie and Emma (yup, sister-preneurs) believe that “life is better when it’s a little bit messy” — and after visiting A Beautiful Mess, you will, too. ABM covers everything DIY – from homemaking to crafts and photography to business. We love finding inspiration from their focus on “creating happiness every day!”

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Best Kept Self

It’s always fun to indulge in a lifestyle site — because business and life as a solopreneur are one. Best Kept Self lives up to its motto, “Feel. Look. Live. Like your Best Kept Self” by providing a great mix of content on health, energy, style, organization, and living abundantly — and successfully.

Must-watch series: Monday Morning Pep Talks

Cerries Mooney

Cerries “puts the soul back in solopreneurialism” by helping solo business owners gain clarity in what they do and why they do it — so they can keep moving forward. In Amy’s words: “Cerries cuts through the marketing hype and helps solopreneurs step into their power just by being who they are.”

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Coach Jennie with Jennie Mustafa-Julock

Coach Jennie, “The Audacity Coach,” is the queen of doling out shoves to help you become “unstuck and unstoppable.” She openly shares her takes on motivation, the Law of Attraction, and all the things standing in your way from being the tenacious solopreneur you were meant to be.

Must-read post: Audacity Has Its Side Effects

Coffee Break and Chocolate Cake with Kristel Kayser

Kristel is on a mission “to inspire you to set the right business goals.” We love her philosophy: build an online business that allows you time for “blissful coffee breaks,” because naturally, we find any fellow solopreneur who’s fueled by caffeine to be a kindred spirit.

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Create as Folk with Laura Simms

Laura, the lead behind Create as Folk, helps people “find careers that feel like home.” Her site itself feels cozy — and is a great place to head for creating a purpose-filled career. (And a beautiful home office.) We particularly love her Purpose Profiles.

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Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte is the epitome of personal development for the purpose-driven female. Her Desire Map workbook  quite literally put her on the map — and is the guiding force for many-a-solopreneur, while her blog delivers “white hot truth + sermons on life.”

Must-read post: “Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself”… Can Suck It


Described by The New York Times as “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials”, Design*Sponge has morphed into a site dedicated to designing a life you love — from your home interior to your business. We are especially fans of the D*S Biz Ladies Series.

Must-read post: Your Favorite Biz Ladies Posts

Get Gutsy with Jessica Lawlor

Jessica lives by her motto, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” and provides inspiration for you to do the same in both your life and freelancing business. We love her insights on branding, productivity, and getting a little more gutsy every day.

Must-read post: The #1 Way I’m Able To Pack So Much Into A Day: Energy Management

Heartmade Blog with Mayi Carles

Mayi makes the “messiest events of your life into a story of triumph.” Self-described as “a tiny artist with a t-rex heart”, she’s created a planner, bootcamp, and blog to tame your life and business. To be honest? Between her illustrations and her videos, we just love devouring her stuff.

Must-read series: 5-Day Life is Messy Challenge

I Will Teach You to Be Rich with Ramit Sethi

Ramit makes a big claim with his business name — but he can back it up. He’ll “teach you to be rich”, but he’s not just all about wealth — he covers productivity, motivation, social psychology, and more, and does it in the most compelling way possible — with humor (and fast food references).

Must-read post: Courage Comes in Surprising Form (Like Chipotle)

James Altucher

James wants you to “choose yourself.” OWS member Megan says: “James is a wizard with a pen. His ability to weave valuable lessons in and out and back around through stories from his sometimes bizarre day-to-day life is unmatched. Definitely a great source for creative inspiration or a kick in the pants to break some rules.”

Must-read post: What I Learned About Life After Interviewing 80 Highly Successful People

Jenny Blake

A certified life coach and sought-after speaker, Jenny  first started with Life After College before moving on to work with everyone from the solopreneur to the C-suite executive. She expertly blends mind, body, and business, and there is always something valuable to dig into on her blog.

Must-read post: Passion Is Not Enough: What are Your Marketable Skills?

Jess Lively

In her weekly episodes of The Lively Show, Jess interviews super inspiring entrepreneurs and individuals to help you “start transforming your approach to life with values-based intentions.” From motherhood to wellness and money to blogging, the podcast covers it all.

Must-listen episode: Juggling Motherhood, Hobbies, and NASA

Ladypreneur League

A fantastic blend of career, culture, living, and wellness specifically aimed at millennial women entrepreneurs, Ladypreneur League covers everything from to city guides for travelers to building a retirement plan for the future-focused.

Must-read column: Ladypreneurs We Love

A Life Less Bullshit by Nicole Antoinette

If the name isn’t enough to draw you in, Nicole chronicles her personal quest to live a bullshit-free life. She’s a “real-talk advocate” who isn’t afraid to tell a personal story to help you realize you’re 100% responsible for your life + business. If you’ve been looking for a push to make something happen, Nicole will provide it.

Must-read post: This One’s for the Control Freaks (Ahem, Me)

Levo League

Levo is a thorough blend of lifestyle, career, skills, and more. From OWS member Brittany: “I love that Levo League has such a niche audience: gen Y, professional women. I’m exactly that audience. So the fact that they can get specific in their posts adds an extra layer of practicality.”

Must-read category: Skills

Live in the Grey

We couldn’t have said it better: “Life and work are not black and white.” Live in the Grey is a home for “disruptors, innovators, and thought leaders” blending career and life. As solopreneurs, it’s safe to say we’re all living “in the grey”, and we love heading to this site for articles on career advice, Grey Stories, and how-tos.

Must-read series: #FailureFriday  

Lucky Bitch with Denise Duffield Thomas

Denise works exclusively with women entrepreneurs to “make more money, have more fun, help more people.” She offers three free courses: on money blocks, pricing, and making money in 24 hours, and her blog offers even more. Want to get “rich + lucky?” She’ll help.

Must-read post: How To Deal With Refund Requests Without Freaking Out


MindBodyGreen is a site dedicated to “revitalize the way we eat, move, and live.” Amongst the crème de la crème of lifestyle, wellness, and self-help blogs, MBG touches on all the important aspects of solopreneur life: relationships, sleep, home, and more.

Must-watch video: Why You Should Take a Nap Every Day

Seth Godin

Seth is the king of marketing (as evidenced by 18 best-selling books). He’s been blogging for over a decade, and the posts just keep getting better. If you want a daily dose of out-of-the-box thinking, freelancing tips, and general ways to break the status quo, this is the place to be.

Must-read post: The Trolls Inside

The Art of Non-Conformity with Chris Guillebeau

Creator of that little event called World Domination Summit, Chris is a pioneer of all things entrepreneurship, unconventional living, and writing. His daily blog offers lessons on life, work, and travel, where he’ll inspire you as a solopreneur and give you a serious case of wanderlust as a traveler.

Must-read post: Thoughts on Working From the Drugstore

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100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs: Nominations Now Open!

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Here at One Woman Shop, we’re on a mission to provide solopreneurs with the best possible tools, resources, and community they need to recognize that “going it alone doesn’t have to be lonely.”

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What’s your favorite site for solopreneurs?

We’re looking for the best sites that provide resources for solo business owners on the various elements of starting and running a business. Go on, tell us: the sites you turn to when you need advice on solopreneur finances. The blogs populating your RSS feeder for when you need copywriting or social media marketing wisdom. The links you visit on the daily for the inspiration to quit your day job, build your side hustle, or go location independent.

What tops your list?

We’re taking nominations at the form below from now until March 31st — then, we’ll be compiling your top 100 picks into a mega list of resources. Want to see your favorite blogs and resources mentioned? Speak now, solopreneurs!