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Great news, fellow business owner: You don’t have to do it all yourself.

Ready to hire your next pro for your project? You’re in the right place — below, find solo business owners and freelancers for hire in design, development, copywriting, marketing, SEO, sales, coaching, virtual assistance, and much more.

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Carrie Smith

Photo of Carrie Smith
Careful Cents
Financial Expert and Blogger

Website: Careful Cents


Careful Cents is a blog about the ups-and-downs of being a solopreneur, and features ideas and strategies to tackle financial mountains, while making a living on your terms. In 2012 Carrie paid off over $14,000 of consumer debt, then quit her full-time accounting job a year later. Since then she’s launched the Careful Cents Club and built a community of over 7,000 creative freelancers.

Categories: Blogger, Financial Consulting, Writing

Tai Stewart

Photo of Tai Stewart
Saidia Financial Solutions
Chief Solution-Seeker

Website: Saidia Financial


Saidia Financial Solutions is a full service financial firm dedicated to assisting families and small business owners with tax strategy, wealth building, and financial coaching.

Categories: Coaching, Financial Consulting