Spotlight On: Gratitude

One Woman Shop Membership doors now open

As the craziness that is the holidays goes from 0 to 100 over the next few days (with the barrage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal emails to prove it), we wanted to drop in with what we hope is a breath of fresh air.

We want to show our gratitude for you.

For being a community of solo business owners who just gets it. Who can happily chat about outsourcing, email sequences, and live-stream video in one stream of consciousness. Who has no shame in taking an afternoon nap or waking up to work at 2am because an idea struck. Who gleefully celebrates being able to try out all her local coffee shops (as long as there’s good wifi, of course), and who also considers putting jeans on as “dressing up.” (Because, hey, they’re not yoga pants.)

We say it all the time: Solopreneurship is a misleading term — because even as a company of one, we need to know there are other people out there who get it. Who can help us through it. Who have the expertise, insight, and honesty we might not at that moment.

We count our gratitude each and every time we receive a reply to our emails, when we read through the comments on our Instagram posts, and as we witness the collaboration and sharing that takes place in our private OWS members Facebook Group (lovingly referred to as The FaceGroup).

It’s there that we celebrate (yes, celebrate) a Case of the Mondays when the first day of the week rolls around. It’s there that members ask for feedback on their latest opt-in, for extra hands when their plates are too full and they need a fellow expert, or for trusted opinions on software choices. It’s there that unicorns come out for birthdays and the best gifs, ever, come out for national coffee day. It’s there that client communication issues get solved, that mental roadblocks are overcome, and that collaborations naturally and happily form.

This week and always, we’re grateful to have you as part of the One Woman Shop community — and we want to invite you to take that one step further.

The doors to One Woman Shop membership are open for the final time of 2017 right now, but you only have until Friday, 12/1 to get your application in. What it is: Lifetime membership to a tight-knit group of ladies who quickly become friends as they support each other on this winding road of solopreneurship.

Because being a CEO ain’t easy — and we don’t pretend that it is. We keep OWS membership simple, but we hit on what’s most important:

A closed Facebook Group where you can share openly, ask for feedback, and offer support? Check.

Opportunities to showcase your products and services to your fellow biz owners? Check.

Access to courses and handbooks on solopreneur sanity, building an online community, solo biz finances, and kickstarting your content strategy? Check.

An accountability group who will hold you to your goals and provide a safe place to bounce ideas off? Check.

Grab more info — and that application — here.

As you dive into your turkey or tofurkey dinners (or bask in the silence that is your American coworkers being off), we ask you to think of what it might be like to be part of such a community…then we encourage you to actually find out.

In the meantime, we’ll be over here celebrating our gratitude for the fact that we get to both lead and participate in such a fantastic community of women doing business — and living life — on their own terms.

To gratitude, community, and tofurkey (if that’s your thing)!

P.S. We also <3 spotlighting our members. Grab a coffee and hear what One Woman Shops Lauren Pawell of Bixa Media and Lilly Garcia of Wild Olive Branding have learned on their solopreneur journeys so far.

Member Spotlight: Lilly Garcia, Wild Olive Branding


Welcome to our One Woman Shop Member Spotlight series, where we highlight what’s going on in the businesses and lives of One Woman Shop members. Interested in joining this ambitious group of go-getters? Apply today!

Today’s Spotlight is on Lilly Garcia, brand strategist and owner of Wild Olive Branding.

Tell us about yourself and your business – what do you do + who do you serve?

I’m a brand strategist and designer who helps heart-centered, conscious business owners get clear about their brand and communicate it visually so they can take bold steps toward their goals.

I believe that brand graphics should be more than just pretty, and so I deep-dive with each of my clients to figure out what makes their business tick and find ways to translate those abstract concepts into visuals that actually work.

Are there any things commonly accepted as truths in the business world that you flat out
disagree with?

Oh, man! Where to start?

I think the biggest myth I disagree with is that we all have to chase the same definition of success. The 6-figure launch and expensive bag + stilettos and fancy home aren’t what success looks like for everyone. And that’s okay.

You have permission to create your own version of success! No matter what anyone says.

What’s one thing people might not know just from reading your website and following you on social media?

That I’ve struggled for most of my life with being the weird kid and feeling misunderstood. I suppressed the parts of myself that I thought would offend or be misunderstood for a long time, and I’m just now starting to uncover that part of myself again.

I’ve been working on refining my own definition of success and including a more whole version of myself in that picture.

How has running a business changed you?

It has made me braver about so many things! About communicating openly — with clients, with colleagues, with collaborators. I’ve learned to ask for what I want and need in business, and that has seeped over into every other area of my life.

And I’ve gotten braver about owning my own stuff — my version of success, my values, my background, my priorities. I feel like I’ve learned so much more about who I am and how to be fearless about it.

What’s your one piece of advice for new solo business owners?

To get clear on what they’re about and what they want. To invest time finding their brand so that they can build their business intentionally.

There is so much advice out there — not to mention the endless tools and marketing options and systems. It can easily become overwhelming. But if you start from a place of clarity, the path is smoother and everything is just easier.

Give us a shameless plug for your latest project/product/freebie!

I recently launched the Brand Clarity Quiz to help new and seasoned business owners figure out how well they know their brand. It can help you see how much clarity you have right now and what your next step should be!

That’s a wrap on this Member Spotlight — thanks, Lilly, for sharing so much insight!

solopreneur membership

Member Spotlight: Lauren Pawell, Bixa Media

Welcome to our One Woman Shop Member Spotlight series, where we highlight what’s going on in the businesses and lives of One Woman Shop members. Interested in joining this ambitious group of go-getters? Apply today!

Today’s Spotlight is on Lauren Pawell, marketing strategist + owner of Bixa Media, where she helps entrepreneurs and businesses perform better digitally.

Tell us about yourself and your business – what do you do + who do you serve?

My name is Lauren Pawell, and I’m the founder and owner of Bixa Media, a digital marketing agency focused on helping entrepreneurs generate (and nurture) more leads through their websites.

Are there any things commonly accepted as truths in the business world that you flat out disagree with?

Quite frankly, I’m not sure that any “truths” are universal!

That being said, I don’t believe there is one perfect online channel or one perfect tool for every business. Be wary of someone who says “This is THE tool (or channel) that everyone should be using.” All businesses have different needs; the perfect solution for one business will be very different than the perfect solution for another.

What’s one thing people might not know just from reading your website and following you on social media?

My fiance is a pilot and the current nature of his job means we have a few moves in our future. We recently relocated (temporarily) to Denver and will likely be relocating a couple more times over the next five years. From a business standpoint, this means you’ve got to have services + products that move with you. Fortunately, I’ve got that covered.

Being my own boss makes our uncertain future significantly more certain…at least from an income standpoint and the fact that I don’t have to keep finding new jobs frequently. I can’t imagine telling a future employer that I didn’t know how long I could stick around. Talk about unemployable!

What’s your favorite social media platform and why?

While most may not consider this a social media platform, I love email. It’s the ultimate 1:1 form of communication and allows you to forge a deep and personal relationship with your audience members that just isn’t always possible on the various 1:many platforms.

If you could do just one piece of your business forever, what would it be?

I LOVE writing marketing emails. Coming up with compelling copy, seeing instant feedback from your audience…I find it very addicting. So much so, it’s one of my favorite things to teach other entrepreneurs how to do! Most think writing emails is difficult; I promise it’s much easier than you think it is.

If you had to describe yourself or your business in one word, what would it be?


Running my own business has given me a freedom that would not be possible otherwise.

I’ve been able to take significant time off to care for a sick family member, helped another family member create their own online business, been able to support my fiance’s career change, and travel the world….all while running Bixa Media.

More importantly, I’ve been able to help clients find their own entrepreneurial freedom. I believe that anyone who is willing to go out on their own and overcome all obstacles in order to do so deserves to take back their freedom, too.

What does community mean to you?

A like-minded group of people. In One Woman Shop’s case, it means women who are brave enough, and crazy enough, to go out on their own and pursue their version of entrepreneurial freedom.

What is the #1 lesson you’ve learned since being in business on your own?

Experiment and iterate.

When you’re creating something out of nothing, you have to get creative and experiment with things you’ve never done before.

And of course, not everything is a success right off the bat. But, with continued iteration and improvement, you can often turn so-so efforts into home runs.

What’s your one piece of advice for new solo business owners?

Want to go farther, faster? Hire help who’s accomplished what you want to, so you don’t waste time doing the “trial by fire” method.

Whether you want to implement Facebook Ads, build a lead-generating webinar funnel, require new contracts, or need to learn how to do bookkeeping…there are experts out there who can help you with all of that. And most of the time, they can teach you how to do it yourself, should you not want to outsource the process completely.

This approach will save you a ton of time and money long term, even if it requires some upfront investment.

How has running a business changed you?

Unlike my non-entrepreneurial friends, uncertainty no longer scares me. In fact, I’d say it fuels me! I like the challenge of creating something out of nothing…over and over and over again.

Give us a shameless plug for your latest project/product/freebie!

I’m currently teaching my audience how to build a site and create an audience from scratch, in a year-long, free experiment called the Transparent Marketing Project.

It’s a lot of fun (and also happens in my limited spare time), so it’s hyper-focused on marketing strategies that produce results.

Plus, you get to see when I try things that don’t work very well. If you’re new to the online marketing world, I highly recommend checking it out. I give away a ton of awesome freebies (think email scripts, website blueprints, etc.)

That’s a wrap on this Member Spotlight — thanks, Lauren, for sharing so much insight!

solopreneur membership

Spoiler Alert: The Answer is G (One Woman Shop Membership is Now Open!)

One Woman Shop Membership doors now open

Back in May, we opened the doors to One Woman Shop membership and in turn, welcomed an awesome new class of OWS members into our private community. Lucky for you, we’re re-opening the doors one last time in 2017 — and introducing a new lifetime access model to boot.

If you’ve been around these parts for a bit, you’ll know we love pop quizzes. (Blame it on our days reading glossy teen magazines…)

So, why is now the perfect time to become an OWS member? Is it:

A. You didn’t apply for OWS membership last time around and you’re still kicking yourself for missing out on the support and the fun

B. You’re overwhelmed as the end of the year approaches and would love to be part of a community of people who get it

C. It counts as a business expense for the 2017 calendar year

D. It’s an excellent way to ensure that you kick the new year off right

E. You want to take advantage of our new pricing model, which gives you lifetime access to OWS membership with just one upfront fee

F. You don’t know when the doors to membership will open next…

G. All of the above

In a shocking twist that no one could have predicted, the answer is G! Just call us super-sneaky quizmasters.

So, how does it work? You apply for membership before Friday, December 1. If it’s a good mutual fit (read: we believe that we can offer you value and you can in turn offer value to the community), you’ll pay a $360 one-time fee.

One payment and you’re an OWS member for life. Just like that.

Head here get all the details and apply.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the community!

How To Generate Publicity for Your One Woman Shop in Just 30 Minutes Per Day

You know the struggle when you’re first learning something?

One moment you’re vigorously trying new ideas from your entrepreneurial gurus. And the next? You realize you wasted three hours and you can’t tell if you accomplished anything.

That’s how I felt every day when I first started doing publicity.

Everything was hit and miss. My days got swallowed into the computer screen. I was driving myself crazy — and not seeing results.

Of course I learned a ton, but I wished someone could have said, “Here’s a way to break things down into bite sized pieces!”

That’s exactly what this post is about.

After several years of refining my own routine, I’ve reduced my weekly schedule into simple chunks. I got rid of the time-gobbling fluff and focused on tasks that bring about tangible outcomes.

This one-woman schedule is easy, actionable, and totally results oriented.

Once you get into the rhythm, you won’t spend more than 30 minutes per day on generating your own free publicity!


Read three articles from blogs or magazines you want to be featured on.

As you do:

  • Take notes on what you think about the article. Keep this in an easy to access place like an Evernote notebook or a Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  • To really make your presence felt, leave a thoughtful comment on the post. This will notify the writer or editor that you actually care about their work. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to someone you will eventually want to send a pitch to.
  • If they don’t have a comments section, feel free to send a quick email thanking the writer for the post. Don’t try to pitch or sell anything to them. You’re literally just there to acknowledge the value of this person’s article.

To take things a step further, spend a few minutes scheduling reposts for these three articles on your social accounts throughout the week. This shows bloggers that you care about their work and giving them exposure, too.


Pitch three writers you’ve connected with in the past.

Unless you have a last-minute time constraint, I don’t recommend that you pitch someone upon first contact (that’s why we read those articles and took those actions on Monday!).

Previous contact can include anything from connecting on social to getting a warm introduction from a mutual connection — but giving it at least a bit of time to marinate is key.

Whether you’re pitching a guest post or are pitching a full-blown feature, today is the day to make it happen!


Check in with your network.

Ahh hump day. Everyone’s feeling the weight of the week today, which makes this the perfect time to check in with your network!

  • Message a few of your business connections and check to see how they’re doing.
  • Comment or share some new blog posts from a few of your entrepreneur friends.
  • Hit up online networks on Facebook, Slack, Mightybell or even Quora and answer questions about your field.

I can’t count how many times I’ve gotten collaborations, new clients, and PR opportunities just from checking with with the people I’ve met online.


Follow up with three people you’ve pitched.

If anyone you pitched on Tuesday clicked links in your email, but didn’t get back to you, today is the day to follow up. Come from a place of helpfulness in your follow up. For example: Do they have questions you can answer?

If there haven’t been any clicks in this week’s outreach, let those sit. Instead, take this opportunity to follow up with the people you pitched last week. (It’s now been nearly 10 days!)


Add three new outlets to your media outreach list.

Woo! It’s Friday, which means it’s the perfect time to prepare for the coming week. Today is the day to do some maintenance and add new publications to your media outreach list.

When thinking about adding a new media outlet to your outreach list, consider this:

  • Do your customers naturally gravitate toward this publication/website?
  • Is it a place they return to over and over again?
  • Can you provide obvious value to the publication’s audience?

Make sure you save the link to an article about your niche — this saves you time on Mondays!

Note the name of the publication, the author’s name, and their direct email address. If you need help, use free tools like Hunter and Big Picture’s Email Finder to track down almost any email address in seconds.

There you have it. A week’s worth of publicity work in only 30 minutes per day, and you’re set up to do the same next week!

Your turn: What first step will you take to kickstart your publicity efforts?

Shop Talk: A Crash Course in Opportunity Cost



Welcome to Shop Talk! While we love providing you with jam-packed, actionable posts, we also wanted to share quick, thought-provoking snippets here and there — from our brains to yours.

We talked last week about the joy we get from applying a principle from another field or industry to our businesses. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: We’re nerds. (Who really like Planet Money.)

We bet you’re out there, busting down the sunk cost fallacy like warrior ninjas. We couldn’t be more proud.

Today’s mission, should you choose to accept it: Embrace the concept of opportunity cost.

Put simply, opportunity cost is “A benefit, profit, or value of something that must be given up to acquire or achieve something else.” Furthermore, “The notion of opportunity cost plays a crucial part in attempts to ensure that scarce resources are used efficiently.”

Take the opportunity cost of going to dinner with a friend. You can’t use that money on anything else and you can’t get the time back. But maybe you had an incredible time bonding, you ate delicious food, and you feel less stressed now. Totally worth it, right?

But now imagine that you accepted a gig with a terrible client. It’s boring work, you’re not learning anything new, they’re paying you diddly squat, and it leaves you feeling drained.

Instead, you could have been going through a course to increase your subject knowledge; working for a higher-paying client; doing an exercise class to get that post-work out high; or having a coffee meeting with a potential collaborator.

We know that sometimes in life and business, you have to do things that are less-than-desirable to make ends meet.

But remember this: The minute you say yes to one opportunity, you ensure that, for the time being, your resources (brain power, money, energy, and time) are unavailable for any other possibility.

The solution? Before taking on any opportunity, think about the monetary and non-monetary costs associated with it. Could your available resources be directed to a better opportunity?

Think about this, too: For every minute or hour you spend cleaning, cooking, or working on certain pieces of your business likely not related to your expertise, you’re giving up time and energy that could be spent on more high-value activities. (Yes, we’re giving you justification for hiring a cleaner, meal prep service, and/or a VA. You’re welcome!)

Your days, back in your hands.

Get instant access to 5 Days to Reclaiming Your Time, a free email course with the mindset shifts + action steps you need to get started in reframing your relationship with time. Sign up below!

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Shop Talk: The Sunk Cost Fallacy — And How to Let It Not Scare You

goal setting

goal setting

Welcome to Shop Talk! While we love providing you with jam-packed, actionable posts, we also wanted to share quick, thought-provoking snippets here and there — from our brains to yours.

Last week, we talked about the magical solution of completing a task by dropping it. (Missed it? Catch up here.)

Is it safe to say that some friction presented itself when you considered what you might be able to drop from your undoubtedly robust to-do list? We bet that friction has a little something to do with one of our favorite economic principles: sunk cost.

For the non-nerds, a definition: “In economics and business decision-making, sunk cost refers to the cost that has already been incurred and cannot be recovered.

Monetary costs. Energetic costs. Time costs. They’re all costs that are very real to our businesses as One Woman Shops.

We alluded to sunk cost in our diatribe on dropping tasks last week when we said:

“You might be a lot further in. You might’ve spent hours on plans and outreach. Hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on bringing it to life. Endless amounts of energy truly trying to make it work…No amount of time, money, or energy invested is worth carrying on with something that isn’t going to get you closer to where you want to be or how you want to live…”

Let’s take this one step further, to the sunk cost fallacy.

From (haha!), the sunk cost fallacy states that: “Your decisions are tainted by the emotional investments you accumulate, and the more you invest in something, the harder it becomes to abandon it.”

Today, we encourage you to look over your to-do list (yes, again) and see if the sunk cost fallacy is at play with any of your current projects. Say to yourself, “The money, time, and energy I’ve invested in this project can’t be recovered, but I’m not doing myself a service by continuing forward.” Then (you guessed it!), drop that project.

Because here’s the thing…we also know this to be true in our businesses: The best ideas resurface.

It’s not easy to remember this when you’re considering letting something go, or dropping something you’ve started, or heck, when you’re in the middle of that meditation session and an idea strikes but you know you shouldn’t grab your phone and open Evernote to jot it down.

So we’ll repeat it: The best ideas resurface.

Need evidence? Pull up an old planner, old notebooks, or old Google Docs. We bet you’ll be surprised to see how many ideas you’ve actually acted on and implemented since you first wrote them down ages ago.

Maybe when the idea first presented itself, you didn’t have all the information you needed. Maybe you didn’t have the network of collaborators and purchasers in place yet. Maybe you didn’t have the time or energy to invest in it.

And now, maybe despite the costs you’ve already sunk into the project you’re considering dropping, it just isn’t the right time.

At the risk of sounding incredibly woo-woo, trust the process. Take steps forward if you can and want to, but rest assured that your best ideas will make their way into the world in some way, shape, or form eventually.

And if you live in constant fear of those amazing ideas disappearing forever? We remind you of an idea from last week: the simple but (for us) revolutionary idea of having a “Hold” section on your to-do list.

Tell us: What can you drop today?

Your days, back in your hands.

Get instant access to 5 Days to Reclaiming Your Time, a free email course with the mindset shifts + action steps you need to get started in reframing your relationship with time. Sign up below!

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Shop Talk: The Quickest Way to Get Something Done



Welcome to Shop Talk! While we love providing you with jam-packed, actionable posts, we also wanted to share quick, thought-provoking snippets here and there — from our brains to yours.

Have you ever had an idea that you were really jazzed about? The drop-everything-and-make-this-happen idea that wakes you up at 3am; makes you (gasp) forget you need coffee; finds you telling your pets about it because you’ve already chewed the ear off anyone else who will listen?

We love those ideas.

A lot of times, those ideas relight the fire and lead to breakthroughs in our businesses. They give us direction and purpose. They turn into the product, the service, or the platform that helps us grow.

But we’re not here to talk about those times. We’re here to talk about what happens when that idea you had just isn’t working out.

You know, the not-so-glamorous side of things. The times when:

  • You’ve put your all into it (time, money, energy), and it just didn’t work…
  • Your idea is made up of a lot of “shoulds” and not a lot of “wants”…
  • The fire’s burnt out and you’re no longer excited…

When you’re a solopreneur with endless ideas, this is bound to happen. And you’re bound to be plagued by the shame and the “shoulds” that keep you holding on.

Today, we’re granting you permission to let it go.

One of our favorite leading ladies, Arianna Huffington, wisely wrote in Thrive: “You can complete a project by dropping it.”

For her, it was about learning to play the violin and speak German. She wasn’t taking action, but, in her words, “Any project that you’ve started in your mind drains energy.”

You might be a lot further in. You might’ve spent hours on plans and outreach. Hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on bringing it to life. Endless amounts of energy truly trying to make it work.

Again: It’s okay to let it go. No amount of time, money, or energy invested is worth carrying on with something that isn’t going to get you closer to where you want to be or how you want to live, solopreneur. It’s oh-so-simple, but we know it’s not easy.

So we remind you of these two things:

1. Nearly everything we do as solopreneurs is a learning opportunity. In working on this idea, you’ve undoubtedly learned something new; met new people; did things you didn’t think you could.

2. Dropping a project now doesn’t mean dropping a project forever. (The “Hold” section of our to-do list is solid.)

And, finally…This is not a case study for taking the easy way out; for walking away from something just because it’s hard. This isn’t about sloughing off and making progress on your Netflix queues. (Okay, well, it’s not just about that.)

Simply put, this isn’t advice for the lazy — they don’t need it. (And we know that’s not you.) This is advice for the overachievers who want to, all.the.time.

To you, we ask: What can you cross off your to-do list by dropping it?

(Even if it’s just for now…)

Your days, back in your hands.

Get instant access to 5 Days to Reclaiming Your Time, a free email course with the mindset shifts + action steps you need to get started in reframing your relationship with time. Sign up below!

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“But I Hate Value.” (And Other Solopreneur Success Bundle Objections)

One Woman Shop Solopreneur Success Bundle 2017

We don’t want to put words in your mouth, but if you’ve made it this far into the week without being 110% sure that the 2017 Solopreneur Success Bundle is for you, we imagine some stubborn objections are running through your head right about now.


…”I’m really busy this week; I don’t have time to buy.” You secretly think that we might extend this offer to next week. We assure you, we’re not going to. (We’re sorry!)

…”I’m too lazy to click one Buy Now button.” You know what’s harder than clicking one button and receiving one download file of every product, in one pretty package? Buying 18 products separately.

…”I really don’t need to learn anything new. (I’m super smart as is.)” We don’t doubt that you’re smart. (Modest, too.) But we will bet that you have some gaps in your knowledge of certain business areas that are begging for your attention — or will be, soon. Why not build the virtual library of resources that just might fill those gaps?

…”18 products is so damn overwhelming.” Yeah, we get that. Rest assured that you don’t need to (and shouldn’t) tackle all of the products all at once. Just set your access up, and file it away for when you need it most. Lifetime access means that you can keep the file in a safe place for future reference.

…”I don’t know who some of these creators are.”
Here’s some social proof for you: Collectively, our contributors and their products have been featured on The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, She Takes on the World, Mashable, Teachable, CreativeLive, mindbodygreen, Lucky Bitch,, Belong Magazine, and many, many more sites. Also: We’re vouching for them. 😉

…”I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more business-related products this year.” In your defense, you might not have known such an incredible deal was going to land in your inbox this week. Also: What if you were to forgo those $148 pair of Lululemon yoga pants in favor of this $99 purchase (which just might then enable you to buy 10 pairs of those yoga pants…)?

…”I hate getting this much value all at once and I only like to pay premium pricing.” We actually can’t help you on that one.

In all seriousness, we do think that there are some very legitimate reasons for choosing not to buy the Bundle this time around.

But if you are ready to take advantage of what one contributor called “a solopreneur’s fairy godmother”, head on over to the landing page to learn even more.

But don’t delay: Once the clock strikes zero, it’s gone for-ever. (Said in our best Sandlot impression.)

Never Enough Success: Solopreneur Success Bundle Success Stories

One Woman Shop Solopreneur Success Bundle 2017

We’ve thrown a lot of information your way this week — our wish for you when it comes to your biz, a cheeky, fake fairytale (that’s oh-so-entertaining), and an opportunity to give back to women around the world through your Bundle purchase. And we’ve likely gotten about 10 songs stuck in your head along the way. (You’re welcome.)

We’ve also given you quick, bite-sized testimonials vouching for the 18 products in the Solopreneur Success Bundle on the Bundle landing page. Those are very solid pieces of social proof, but what you haven’t seen so far are the more in-depth client/student success stories from the creators who contributed their resources to the Bundle.

As they say, the whole is only as good as the sum of its parts. Luckily, these parts? They’re pretty darn good. Let’s check some of them out:

From Danielle Zeigler, the creator of SEO for Solopreneurs:

From these same methods [taught in SEO for Solopreneurs], my clients have tripled their website traffic (we’re talking thousands of new visitors per month), secured writing deals with major national companies, and earned additional five-figure incomes from clients who found them through Google.

From Kathryn Hocking, the creator of e-Course Idea Generator:

Here is a success story straight from the mouth of one of our participants Melissa Ingold from

“Like Kathryn, I’ve created hundreds of digital programs over the years and I currently create 50+ new products every year through my two businesses – but sometimes, coming up with new fresh + fabulous ideas can be a real challenge…I especially loved the methods that she shared for how she does her brainstorming, which I implemented right away to start fleshing out my next program (and even used it to build my follow-up email sequence, too).

Her guide also asks you just the right questions to help you dive deeper into pinning down your customer’s true needs. Plus, she provides you with the exact survey questions you need to ask your people. This program is packed with value, so even if you’re already a frequent e-course creator like I am, you’ll still walk away with some golden tidbits + resources you can apply to your own process. So worth the investment.”

From Annette Stepanian, the creator of Let’s Get Down to Business:

What Chelsea F. had to say about Let’s Get Down to Business: “I was so happy I found Annette when I was first starting my business! I was terrified of the legal aspect of setting up and owning my own biz and she took all the fear away. I first bought her mini-course on how to set up your biz legally. At the end, I had my action plan mapped out for filing all the required documents, not to mention a huge weight off my shoulders because I knew I was doing it the right way.”

From Ashley Cox, creator of Interview with Heart:

My client Ginny was a great success story! She had been thinking about hiring a team member for a while, but wanted to make sure she took the right steps to hire the right person. Ginny didn’t have a ton of time to waste hiring the wrong person, so she really wanted to nail it on the first try.

After going through the Interview with Heart materials, she was able to structure a solid interviewing process, select interview questions to help her gather the information she needed during the interview process, and narrow down her candidates to find the one who best suited the position and fit her culture!

Ginny’s new team member was a breath of fresh air and just what she needed in her business. She was able to quickly acclimate to the culture, brought talents and skills to the team that Ginny didn’t possess (but that she desperately wanted and needed in her business), and having this new team member created space for Ginny to continue growing and scaling her business while doing work she truly loved.

Later, Ginny told me, “Your guide was everything I needed and more! I found the perfect team member and could not have done it without your knowledge.” It doesn’t get much better than that!

From Abagail and Emylee, creators of Trello for Business:

One of our students took this course and told us that it was more valuable than some of the $1K courses she’s taken. And this course is $29. We’ve had people say that they thought they would ALWAYS be scatterbrained and struggle with productivity. They took our course and the game changed. They’re organized, their businesses are streamlined, and they’re crushing their goals.

From Meera Kothand, creator of Email Lists Simplified:

One of my students took a maternity break and still grew her list and made sales with the systems she put in place after taking the course!

From Brittany Berger, creator of Build Your Own VA:

Rae Targos of Productive Co was able to systemize and automate enough that she created time to take on new clients and directly increase her income from automating her business!

And allow us to remind you: These raving reviews are from individuals who spent up to $297 for just one of these products! Imagine how much they’d rave if they had gotten their hands on all 18 Bundle products. (It would probably break the internet.)

Needless to say, we want you to experience the same kind of success these students/purchasers have — and not just in one of these courses, but in all.

But the clock is ticking! Get your 2017 Solopreneur Success Bundle here.

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