Hiding in Plain Site (Don’t Just Build a List. Build a Community.)

Building Your Online Community

There’s a reason that we named our e-course Building Your Online Community instead of anything to do with list building. It’s this simple: We believe that an online community goes so far beyond just an email list.

That being said, we do believe in the power of connecting with your community through email marketing. We have found it to be an incredible source of sales, collaborations, and more.

If you’re struggling to build your email list, remember: Your future community members could be hiding in plain site.

Today, here are four easy action steps to take those people from individuals you pass by on the streets of the internet to full-on community members and email subscribers.

1. Email your blog commenters

In our experience, taking the time to leave a blog comment usually means that someone is particularly engaged with your content and message. (That, or they’re spammy trolls. We prefer the former.) But often they haven’t thought to get on your email list. Today, scroll back through the last several months of your blog comments and individually email each person to thank them for their comment -- and ask them if you can add them to your email list. Better yet? Make this a recurring monthly task. (Set yourself a Google Cal reminder if need be. It’s our go-to.)

2. Email product purchasers

Platforms like SendOwl allow you to automatically add product purchasers to a specific email list within your email marketing platform. If you don’t already have this automated, take a few minutes to email all of your previous product purchasers to see if it would be okay to add them to your email list. Since they’ve already bought from you, it’s likely that they’ll say yes. (And it’s a great time to reach out for a testimonial, too!)

3. Pin a tweet + update your Twitter bio

This is actually two steps in one -- because we’re tricky. (Cue RUN-DMC: Tricky, tricky, tricky...) First, write or choose a tweet with a link that requires people to enter their email address in order to access a download, like we do with our freebies page. To pin the tweet to the top of your profile: On your feed of tweets, click the More button (the three dots) on the tweet you want to pin. Click “Pin to your profile page.” Voila! Then, change the URL on your Twitter bio to that specific landing page, as opposed to a general website URL.

4. Add a call-to-action footer

See that beautiful image at the bottom of this post? It’s evidence that we practice what we preach. Think of an opt-in that you offer (read: you get an email address; they get a download) and any posts on your blog that are related. At the bottom of those posts, add a call-to-action footer graphic encouraging people to head over to your opt-in landing page for more awesome (and relevant) content.

That’s it, friends. Four simple actions you can take today to build a community that’s loyal and engaged -- all from people who’ve been hiding in plain site.

Want more? We cover these tricks + much more in the Building Your Online Community e-course! Click the image below.

Building Your Online Community

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